Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy anniversary to us!

Today 7 years ago we arrived in New Zealand with nothing more than 6 suitcases, a toddler car seat, a backpack, a camera bag, a baby bag, a large stuffed toy dog, a stroller and a very squirmy 14 month old (that's right Bianca was 14 months old on that day).  On that day we started our new life here in New Zealand and while it is always hard to start over, this has become home to us.  There is so much here that I love and that I am grateful for.
  • I love living close to the beach.  In New Zealand you are never further than about 1.5 hours from the nearest beach.  We live about 10 minutes drive away.
  • I love not having any burglar bars or electric fencing or security gates.
  • I love being able to go for my walk / run every day without feeling scared that it might not be safe
  • I will forever be grateful for the medical care we have / had with Bianca.  There was never a delay and apart from paying $30 for one type of special mouth wash that was not covered and a small subsidy on prescription medication (for her leukemia) when Bianca turned 6, we've not had to pay for anything.  Not any of the 117 nights in hospital, not for any lumbar punctures, port insertion, x-rays, blood tests, specialist visits, chemo treatments and many other things that happened during her 830 days of treatment.  Bianca still sees her specialist every 2 months and we still don't have to pay!
  • I am grateful that we have good public school options that are really affordable.  For Bianca we paid a total of $70 for the year for her school fees (or school donation as they call it).  No waiting lists, no excessively early enrolments, and in particular Bianca's teacher this year - he is simply amazing.  One of the best!  
  • I love how peaceful it is where we live.
  • I love how beautiful it is when you drive between different towns or cities.
  • I love the service here in New Zealand.  Doing things like your annual car registration or your Warrant of Fitness (roadworthiness test) are extremely quick.  No sitting forever in long queues that hardly move (as I have vivid memories from my South African days).
  • I love how I can go to the bank and there are virtually nobody in the queue.
  • I love EFTPOS and how everything is done with EFTPOS.
There are lots of things I love about New Zealand.


Marcelle said...

I can so believe you on all the above, living in Germany is very much the same...just don't have the kids in school...
did have to be in hospital myself...MRI's etc etc and didnt pay much ~ the medical aid sore to all our bills.
I will be here for 7 years on the 8th December,.....but will be in SA on holiday that date....:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. I'm so glad you guys came. You are such a great family. I hope you have many more happy years here!!!

Sarah said...

I was a bit slow on the uptake there, seeing as I've read a previous post re. your anniversary, with Bianca insisting she'll run as fast as she can to save being kissed by a boy!! Cherish the next few years Lea :D !!

Happy Anniversary to you both, I hope you had a lovely day together. And I'm also glad you're all so happy here :) It's a pretty special country, with some pretty special people in it...and what's life without a bit of adventure, some have more than others, but still come through the other side, smiling :)


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you've found some real happiness there. And it sounds like it's home. :-)