Thursday, September 22, 2011


I didn't plan a second entry today and quite frankly I was happy enough just with the swimming update one I did earlier (go see the cool photos of Bianca and Caitlyn during their swimming lesson). But alas - Murphy struck today.  The one day that I chose to take an hour long train trip to the city (and an hour back) the school phoned to let me know that Bianca complained of a sore tummy and is simply just not feeling well.  Sigh!  And so unfortunately as I was waiting for a train back Bianca had to just sit and wait for me until I finally got back to Waikanae just as school was about to finish for the day.  She felt pretty miserable when I got to school to pick her up.

I have no idea what is up, but she's been sleeping since we came back from picking Caitlyn up from daycare and that was about 5:30pm.  That is so not like her.  But hopefully after a good night sleep she'll be back to her normal self in the morning.  Of course now I can't stop wondering what her blood counts are like and the 5th of October is feeling too far away right now.  That's when Bianca's next appointment will be.

I really really don't like it when she is not feeling well. 


Paul said...

I agree that Bianca is usually such a bright button with loads of energy. It is a worry when your children feel sick and you don't know what's up. Hope she picks it up by tomorrow. Love your photos! Swimming is the best!

Buttons said...

Oh Lea I understand your worries but she probably just had some kind of bug. I know after what you have been through the worry will probably always be there but she is fine. OK smile. B

blackhuff said...

Sorry to hear Lea. I will pray that it is not something serious. Good luck there.

Hayley said...

Me too..hoping everything is good!

RosemaryO said...

First I am sorry I missed wishing you a Happy Birthday! Hope it was a good one. 35 is a lucky year!
I am hoping by today Bianca has rested and is feeling better. I will wait for your update.
Also the swimming pictures are fun; it looks like they are coming along.
Sorry about the city trip being disrupted for you.
I hope Bianca is feeling better.

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

That feeling will probably always be there. over time it will lessen I'm sure! Plenty of bugs around everywhere at the moment so try not to worry too much!♥