Monday, September 19, 2011

'Tis the season...

for head lice!

Last night Bianca got out of her bath and complained the back of her head was sore.  I had a look and could see that she scratched herself and then I noticed those dreaded creepy crawlies.  All over her head.  Eeeuw! And you know how it goes - the mere mention of the word head lice could make you feel all itchy.

But we've been lucky so far to be honest.  We've only ever once been affected by head lice when Caitlyn had nits in her hair about 2 years ago.  And other than that, my kids have not had lice / nits.

And so as I sat there combing out Bianca's hair and she cried and cried and cried (thanks to the knots in her hair) I found myself thinking it was so much simpler when she had no hair...

Sigh!  The joys of parenthood!


Buttons said...

Oh I remember them as I sit here and scratch my head. :) B

Maa said...

Oh Lea...sorry I had to laugh when I read this! It takes me back to when the kids were small. Like buttons I'm scratching my head too.
I had all mine cut off last Friday.