Friday, September 16, 2011

Making a list

2 Fellow bloggers (Julia and Marcia) have both recently suggested I consider doing a list seeing as my birthday is next week.  This will be a list of things that I will attempt to achieve in my 35th (cough, splutter, splutter, cough, cough) year.  Sigh!  35 sounds so old! 

So until my birthday next week I'll have to give it a bit of a think.  It is a great idea, but right now my list mostly consists of doing dishes, and laundry and tidying the kids' rooms yet again (am I the only parent whose kids can't keep their rooms tidy?) - this week was pretty good fun though as I tried my hand at some basic website design (and a welcome distraction to the usual chores at home), but now that I've done it I can't really add this to my list of 35.  I can't exactly put chores on this list either, but certainly my Christmas Project I would think.  I was going to put a 5km run on the list, but now I'm not so sure if that's going to work.  So far my knee is still sensitive.  So maybe I must change it to a 5km walk and do the 5km walk part of the 5km run / walk event.  Hmmm, I wonder how long they give you to walk 5km in one of these fun run events???  I would hate to be dead last!

So I'll need to give it a bit of a think. 

And apart from that tomorrow we are catching up with good friends for lunch, Bianca has her cheerleading practice and on Sunday Terence has a tenpin bowling match with work buddies.  I'm hoping to do some more work maybe also on my garden setup, but we'll see.

So what are your weekend plans?


Susan said...

Hi Lea, I used to think 35 was old too... now that I'm looking at it through 60-something eyes - it's YOUNG (lol):D)
Enjoy planning your list and have a great weekend with your lovely family and friends.
I'm out in the garden for most of ours.

Buttons said...

Well Happy Birthday just in case I miss it. You are a youngin'. I think that is always a hard list to do. I only wanted to see the mountains and taste the ocean all my life when I was 54 I flew to Vancouver all by myself terrified of heights It was thew best thing I ever did. Sen hours in the air. I am so glad I had only those two things on my list. Now I want to take the train to Vancouver it is a four day trip, with one backpack and by myself before I am sixty in two years.
Point being pick on big thing , do it then make another one. Have a good one. B

Dmarie said...

tomorrow I hope to eat some really wicked-good sweets. may go with DD to "Pioneer Days" at the park. hope to watch at least one something on Netflix. pretty mild weekend in store overall!

hope something WONDERFUL finds its way onto your list!!

Paul said...

Merely a youngster.Enjoy your 35th!
Time goes by so quickly as someone of my age knows sadly oh too well.