Saturday, September 17, 2011

Should I or should I not?

Later this year (in November or December usually) the Child Cancer Foundation will have their Funrazor event.  For 3 years in a row - 2007 (click here), 2008 (click here) and 2009 (click here) I shaved my hair.   In 2007 Bianca wasn't able to help shave my hair because she was stuck in hospital (again), but in 2008 and 2009 she was there courage beads and all. 

In 2007 I made the front page of the Dominion Post - my 5 minutes of fame (click here).  It felt great being able to raise some money for the Child Cancer Foundation who doesn't get any government funding at all. And of course doing this was my way to give something back and create some awareness. 

So I'm thinking that maybe I should do it again this year... Who wants to join me?  I wonder if instead of just in the city we can organise a Kapiti Funrazor event.  So many things to think about.


Sarah said...


I've finally caught up on your blog posts :) and found myself in one of them! That was really nice of you to mention me :)

and I love the idea of dressing up to deliver the gifts, already thinking of ideas for costumes! What were you thinking?

I've had another idea, inspired partly by your couch-to-5K challenge. You're planning to take part in an organised race aren't you? Where abouts is it and when? Would you like a race partner? ...and, if you aren't already, how about we aim to get sponsored to do it?

As for the other ideas, I'll talk to you about that when we meet up :) am still sounding out a few people about a few things.

As for the funrazor, I think it's amazing that you did it 3 years in a row, I bet it meant the world to Bianca :)only do it if you want to though. That you're even thinking about it is great :) and I bet they'll be quite a few people willing to take part :)

Paul said...

A great article in the post, Lea. I have a friend who had cancer a few years ago and our family got involved with Relay for Life. When you know people who have suffered with cancer it makes you more aware of the importance of giving support in any way possible.

Sarah said...

Am I being too ambitious by suggesting we consider a 2012 Relay for Life team?!! I did it last year, was tiring, but so worth it for raising awareness and funds.

Let me know what you both think :)

Jess said...

wow I admire you for considering shaving your head a fourth time! Once was enough for me I think :)

Lea White said...

@ Sarah: Looking forward to hearing your other ideas. A friend is going to try and find a 5km race towards the end of the year, I suppose we can try and raise money - let's discuss. You are welcome to join us at that race, but I have to warn you I don't run very fast! As for a 2012 Relay for Life - have never done that, might be worth considering.

Paul, thank you for your comment. I think it always changes when it is somebody you know. I think it is so amazing that you were willing and able to offer support with your involvement in Relay for Life.

Jess, thank you! When did you shave your hair?

Jess said...

I did it this year - march. the baldness was fine it is now when I'm trying to grow it back out that it's awful haha. Was worth it to raise some money though :-) We did relay for life this year, the 2am to 7am shift was great fun! hopefully i can be involved again next year too.

Buttons said...

You are such a good person. B