Saturday, September 10, 2011

A new blog and a challenging day!

Bianca's teacher has just started a new blog.  Not only is Paul Forster a brilliant teacher, but he is an extremely talented athlete and very passionate about his music, singing and songwriting.  (It is at this point that I can hear Bianca shout "glossary word" because "extremely" is one of her glossary words...).  I am particularly interested to see what running tips Paul might share on his blog that might help me finally be able to run a 5km fun run.  But from what I can see Paul will be writing about a lot of different things.  Go and visit his blog and say hi!

Speaking of running, I found today's run / walk session quite challenging.  I didn't do anything different, I had a rest day since my last one and I didn't have sore legs after the last run / walk session.  But today my knee joint area (whatever it might be called) felt stiff and vaguely painful.  Not significantly, but noticeably.  So today I really wondered at which point the running will become easier.  How am I ever going to manage week 3 onwards?  But I guess that is life.  If you really want something you have to put the effort in.  (Now remind me again why I chose a 5km run as my goal...)

Today I realised again that what drives me is the memory of this day.  (Click here to read about it).

Tomorrow is going to be an extra special day for us.  I will let you all know shortly!

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