Thursday, September 22, 2011

Making progress

My girls have swimming lessons once a week with the Raumati Swim Club.  A friend's kids have been doing lessons with them for a while now and at the start of this term (term 3) we managed to get our girls booked in too.  They are more affordable than other swim schools and the feedback we have been getting is that their "learning to swim" classes are really good.  Because both my girls are beginners, they are in the same class - so really convenient!

Bianca and Caitlyn have a lot of work to do to finally be able to swim safely, but they are getting there.  Caitlyn has gone from crying most of the session, to virtually no tears.  And Bianca is also getting more and more confident.

We are so proud of them and so grateful to the people giving up their time every week!

Bianca learning to swim

Caitlyn learning to blow bubbles.  "Look mum, no tears!"

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