Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A very exciting project!

This afternoon after I got Caitlyn from daycare I had to quickly pop into The Warehouse.  And guess what - apart from all the Rugby World Cup merhandise, they have started putting out Christmas lollies and advent calendars.  I think as soon as the Rugby World Cup is finished we'll start seeing Christmas trees and decorations and all sorts of other things.  And we are only in the middle of September...

I must admit I am really excited for Christmas.  I have a Christmas project in mind where I will take Bianca and Caitlyn and a new friend called Sarah and we'll go and deliver some gifts to some of the kids who will be stuck in hospital.  We'll probably have to dress up in some sort of dress-up, just for fun.  So now Sarah and I are on a mission to see if anybody would like to donate some gifts.  Sarah also has a few other great ideas. 

So far I've had a few offers from people who are keen and so I guess my project will now be turned into a community effort rather than an individual effort :-).  So if you are interested to donate something - please email me at  Feel free to opt for the present to be an anonymous donation or you might want to include your name on a card.  Please keep in mind that the ages will range from tiny little babies right through to teenagers.  And there are parents and siblings also.  I would prefer gifts to be suitable for kids who are stuck in hospital - so books, craft activities, play dough, games, a soft toy - that sort of thing.

So let me know if you might be interested.  What are your Christmas plans?


blackhuff said...

I too am getting excited for Christmas although it's still a while away. Here in SA there's no Christmas stuff out yet. Probably middle November.
Sounds like a cool thing you have in mind for Christmas this year.
This year will be the very first year that me and my family won't be home for Christmas, so I don't have to fuss about it too much :)

Fi said...

I can't believe there's Christmas stuff out already! Mind you some people do like to be organised don't they :)

It's a quiet Christmas planned here, my sister and her family have to go to my brother in laws so we are thinking of going out to lunch somewhere for a change.