Wednesday, September 21, 2011

List of 35 on my 35th

Now this is where I wish I was turning 21.  So much easier thinking of 21 things than coming up with 35...

In my 35th year I will try and do as many of these as I can.  I might not get to do all of them, and that's okay.   It is a fun little project that I saw on Marcia and Julia's blogs. And I'm always up for a bit of fun.

And now in no particular order, here is my list:
  1. Organise and do a Christmas present delivery to kids in hospital over Christmas with the help of Sarah.
  2. Bake something and visit Winara House again.  If I plan it for the October school holidays Bianca and Caitlyn might come along.
  3. Bake some biscuits for Christmas and deliver it to the Sevenoaks Dementia Unit.  We did it last year and it was extremely rewarding.
  4. Plan with the kids and make something for Christmas for the residents of Winara House retirement village.
  5. Plant a good variety of veggies in the new garden boxes Terence is busy building for me.
  6. Reach my goal weight.
  7. Do regular walk / run sessions.
  8. Find and enter (and actually participate) in a 5km event (hopefully a run, but otherwise a walk).
  9. Learn to play some or the other music instrument (other than the recorder which I have been trying to learn).
  10. Learn a new language (or at least make a start of it). I've always loved languages and I seem to have a fairly good memory when I think of the few Sesotho phrases I learned all those many years ago at school.
  11.  Make new little boxes for the kids' advent calendars.
  12. Look for fun activities we can do together for the little advent calendar boxes.
  13. Make at least one handmade Christmas present for Bianca and Caitlyn each.
  14. Shave my hair for the Child Cancer Foundation.
  15. Declutter!  Loads of things to sort out and many things to get rid of.
  16. Visit the huge book sale here in Waikanae end of October and stock up on some great second hand books.
  17. Go and see Roxette in Auckland in Feb 2012.  (Can't wait!)
  18. Make a new Youtube video clip of Bianca.
  19. Start Bianca's treatment photo collage which I really wanted to do in 2009.
  20. My mum's immigration.
  21. Bake / cook something with Bianca and Caitlyn once a month so that Bianca can add recipes to her recipe book.
  22. Go away to either Taupo or Hawkes Bay as soon as Terence has annual leave he can take.  I would say go on holiday to Australia (I've never been there), but am still waiting for the "wonderful" South African home affairs to send my new passport (sigh!).  We do love Hawkes Bay and Taupo though. 
  23. Organise a fun professional photo shoot with Bianca and Caitlyn.
  24. Go and visit Bianca's tree (click here to see) when we are back in Auckland in November for Bianca's cheerleading competition. 
  25. Knit a square for Christchurch (see details here).  Done!  (See here)
  26. Do a special craft activity with the kids once a month.  Bianca asked me yesterday to show her how I made their treasure chests in December (see here)
  27. Have a regular family games evening (the non electronic kind).  We enjoy games like Dominion, Puerto Rico and Bang.
  28. Sift through thousands of digital photos and make a photo book for Bianca and Caitlyn.
  29. Sit down and go through our budget again to make sure we stay on track.
  30. Our business website.
  31. Business product launch.
  32. With daylight savings time just around the corner do more things outdoors like picnics on the beach.
  33. Look at study options.  I started a degree a number of years ago, but then Bianca became sick and I had to put it on hold.
  34. Do a gratitude blog post on a regular basis.  It is easy to take things for granted and to forget we have lots to be thankful for!
  35. Do something nice for somebody else when they don't expect it.

What are some of the goals you are hoping to achieve?


    Maa said...

    Happy Birthday Lea. Hope you have a wonderful day full of surprises.
    You'd better get started on that list, I guess. I've always got lists in front of me and usually just plod through till everything is crossed off. Then I make a new makes me feel like I've achieved something.
    Hugs Maa

    blackhuff said...

    A BIG BIG Happy Birthday to you. May God bless this coming year for you and may everything be a success. May you be spoiled rotten today. Enjoy

    Paul said...

    Sorry I didn't wish you Happy Birthday in person. A fantastic list. I can see that you'll be extremely busy for the next year. One of my goals is to keep promoting my book and c d's and keep updating my blog regularly. Hope you've had a great day.

    Jess said...

    Happy birthday! the list is such a cool idea - might have to glean that one

    Marcia (123 blog) said...

    Happy birthday!

    I love your list and esp number 21 :)

    Susan said...

    A Very Happy Birthday Lea.
    Congratulations on your list too - it's a great one and, from what I've assumed about you from your posts, you'll definitely achieve most, if not all, of your goals :D)

    amanda said...

    So trots op jou en ek verstom my gereeld aan al jou oorspronklike idees! Weet sommer dit sal als gebeur en nog hope meer.Baie liefde, ma xxx