Saturday, November 5, 2011

Can you say déjà vu?

This morning was a really early start. Normal people aren't up at 5am! Or they shouln't be! My day started off with a bit of a glitch when I noticed that the cell phone charger I put in my bag was suddenly gone and instead some other cable in its place. I distinctly remember taking it from the electrical outlet in the wall and putting it there, but now it seems missing. Not a good start. Thankfully Terence sorted another solution so I won't be completely unreachable.

We flew from Paraparaumu and it is such a cute looking airport. Tiny and very new. While we were waiting I saw one of my old managers, Mike Whaanga. Was good to catch up with him again!

Can't upload photos just yet so for now imagine the photos of the airport I took...

It was a small plane and as I sat there next to Bianca looking out the window I remembered one of Paul's blogposts that I recently read - all about enjoying the journey. Visit I would link it but don't know how to do it on the iPad.

Imagine the photos of our view!

Thankfully the sun has now come out but when we arrived it was all overcast and rainy.

We nearly missed the rental car company because we waited in the wrong place but thankfully they found us. Got the car and was disappointed to find they gave me a manual. I can drive a manual but for the last 7 years have only driven an automatic so it took a bit of time getting used to it. And then in typical Lea style I took the wrong road somehow and landed up in Mt Roskill. How on earth? No idea! In the end we had to drive through Auckland City centre and once I found Victoria street was fine finding the right motorway.

Now just imagine the photos Bianca took on the way to our motel.

And here we are. Right now Bianca and I are "fighting" for the queen sized bed because neither of us want the single bed. I can see a fierce battle of paper, rock, scissors or something happening. She has a sleep over tonight but tomorrow night we'll have to see. Going out shortly to find some lunch and a few more things Bianca needs for tomorrow and will then go and catch up with friends.

What do you have planned for today?

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Paul said...

Glad you enjoyed the plane journey. Hope your lunch was enjoyable and your catching up with friends.