Saturday, November 19, 2011

Something about you

There is something about you
Perhaps it is your smile
Perhaps your caring nature
That makes me want to stay for a while

There is something about you
I can see it in your eyes
The way they light up
Just like a sun rise

There is something about you
I don't quite know what it could be
But it is there
Even if I can't quite see


Sarah said...

You certainly have a talent there Lea :) That's a really nice one :)

amanda said...

Pragtig. Sien uit na jou eerste publikasie vol inspirasie.

Baie sterkte met die Funrazor. Dit sal n groot sukses wees en al jou harde werk gaan n groot verskil maak vir baie ander kinders. Baie trots op jou.
liefde, ma xx

RosemaryO said...

Great poem Lea!
Good luck tomorrow, I know it will be a success, giving back always is!

Paul Forster said...

Loved your poem, Lea! Thanks for sharing it!