Thursday, November 24, 2011

A rambling sort of post

It is now exactly 1 month until Christmas Eve - are you all ready for it?  I'm not...It feels like it has so suddenly sneaked up on us and I just don't feel ready just yet.  I love Christmas, the decorations, the Christmas songs (especially this one will always be a favourite of mine - click here).  I love watching our kids' faces light up and see the excitement as they count down the days.  I love trying to come up with special presents for special people and as last year, I love teaching my kids the real gift of giving when we delivered biscuits to the one retirement village.  Where the real reward was in seeing somebody smile.  So right now I'm working on getting ready.  A few things taking just a bit longer than I was hoping, but I'll get there. 

Do you have any special plans for Christmas?

Anyway -

Blackhuff did a post all about the keywords people use to find her blog, so I thought I'd check out mine as well.  The current search terms (in no particular order) seem to be:

Kapiti Cheerleading
Kitten cake
Granny afghan
Handing out balloons
Bloody butcher tomato
Granny square afghan
Granny square quilt
Netball cake
"It's all relative"
Girl status updates for.fb..going to new york for 21 months
Fred's Fine Foods
Lala Teletubbies
Lala Teletubbies Christmas
Life and adventures in Auckland
Lose my voice when nervous
Oxygen ECG
Traditional vetkoek
Something about you


חיות עוגה

Yes... I'm not quite sure what the last one might mean to be honest...


Anonymous said...

חיות עוגה

It means Animals Cake in Hebrew. I translated it and that's what came up. :P


Merphin said...

yip - good ole Google translate :D

Paul said...

I must admit I really appreciated Christmas when the children were little. It doesn't quite have the same appeal now that the children are growing up. Presents are more expensive and the magic and spark have somewhat gone. Nevertheless it's still special to spend time with family.

blackhuff said...

Yes! I am so excited about Christmas being 31 days away. So much fun :)
Thanks for linking back to me :)
So rather weird words

Buttons said...

I am starting to get excited about Christmas now that there is a little snow on the ground. I cannot wait for my girls to come home and time with my family. B