Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bullet point Wednesday

I don't have a particular post in mind so this will mostly be a rambling sort of post.
  • Today is a beautiful day.  Just in time for the official start of summer tomorrow.  The 1st of December.  Unreal!  Can't believe it.  It has come around so quick.  
  • Am busy making little green boxes for the kids' advent calendars, but am a bit behind so tonight will officially be known as the night of the green box.
  • Am really excited about another project I'm working on which will be ready in the next week or so.  I just hope it works out the way I'm hoping!
  • From this weekend things are becoming quite a bit busier for us (sigh!).  What is your schedule like at the moment?
  • There is only about 2 weeks left of school for this year.  Then Bianca will be completely done with Year 3.  Somehow this year seems to have gone too fast! 
  • Did I say what a beautiful day today was?  After all the rainy and grey days we've had the last little bit, the sun and blue skies are really a welcome sight!
  • Next week I need to start Christmas shopping.  Have you done yours already?
So what's happening in your life???


LatteJunkie said...

I was 4... It was my birthday. Big kids are mean!

All my shopping is done, Advent Calendar is almost good to go. And my plans for Xmas are pretty much fluid. I have no idea what's happening.

Enjoy the great weather and the Night of The Green Boxes!

Paul said...

Work, work and more work with some blogging in between. I agree it's nice to see the sun. Much nicer for exercise

Maa said...

We've just had some huge storms come through and finally the sun is peaking through this afternoon.
I've been busy with visitors and getting my house in order again.
Haven't had time to think about Christmas yet...I'm way behind this year but it won't be long before I get the decorations out. Maa

Hayley said...

This year has truly flown by...I am actually starting to panic about the number of things I still have to do eeek!

Thankfully I have very little shopping to that helps this year.

blackhuff said...

I love bullet point posts.
I am happy that you are experiencing a beautiful day there.
Our schedule is pretty much busy as well. I do not like this time of year.
There is also 2 weeks left this side for schools. Can't wait for it to be finished :)
My Christmas shopping is done already. Done in Oct.

amanda said...

For a change my Christmas shopping was done early! Parcel on the way..oops posted it just a little bit late......

Enjoy the green box evening and looking forward to photos.

love, mum xx