Sunday, November 13, 2011

A lovely weekend so far

It's been a great weekend so far. 

Yesterday Paul and I worked together to get copies of his book ready for next Sunday.  For a great price people will be able to buy a delightful picture book along with a CD.  On the CD there is a title song along with a great selection of other songs.  So if you bought a copy you will not only get a cool Christmas present for a special someone, but you'll also be helping the Child Cancer Foundation because Paul has kindly offered to give $5 per copy sold to CCF (which effectively means Paul is only covering expenses and not making any profit at all). 

Both Caitlyn and Bianca absolutely love the book as well as the songs and I often find the kids sing the songs when we are at home or in the car.  Now if you are at Coastlands next Sunday you'll actually get to hear some of the songs as Paul and some of his students will be there performing at our event.  How can you buy your copy?  One of my friends Sarah will be there selling copies of the books and CDs, if you are there you will actually be able to get Paul to sign it for you!  Or alternatively if you are not in the area, please email Paul at

While Paul was here we also recorded 2 more songs and added it to his YouTube channel (click here).  Paul would love to know what you think, please go and have a listen at some (or all) of his songs and let Paul know which of the songs you like the most and why you like that particular song.  There are many of his songs I really like, but 2 in particular I think I really like at the moment.

Last night a friend and her daughter also came to visit and stayed the night.  Suret was a friend from the one high school I went to and thanks to Facebook we discovered about a year or two ago that we both lived in New Zealand.  I think it is amazing that after all these years we still enjoy each other's company.  At my previous high school my best friends were Wilna and Jackie.  I remember the time Jackie, Wilna and I were going to start a band.  We even had a name all worked out and everything.  The only small glitch in our plan was that Jackie was the only one who could play a music instrument and actually sing...  We lost contact after we moved from one town to another in 1993 and even though we also found each other again more recently, we discovered that our lives turned out so different and that the connection we once shared was completely lost.  I think it is a case of we all moved on and went in different directions and our ideas, goals and dreams all changed.  And that is really just part of life. 

This afternoon Bianca and Terence are in the city.  Bianca and her cheerleader friends will be part of the Santa Parade.  I've stayed home with Caitlyn because she (and I) won't enjoy the crowds and Caitlyn gets bored pretty quickly so we'll probably head off for the beach a little bit later on.  Unfortunately Terence has the camera, so I won't be able to take any photos of our beach outing.

Hard to believe it is only a week to go to the Funrazor event.  I have a few things to get through before next Sunday and I have another project that I am starting to work on, but I can't reveal just yet what this one is....  Speaking of Funrazor - thank you to Sharon Booth, Amanda Opperman (mum), Jessie Pottinger, Clint, Hannah R, Sharon VW and Lee Patterson for your donations.  If you would like to still sponsor me you can do so by clicking here.  Every little bit will make a big difference!

So what did you get up to this weekend?

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Paul said...

What 2 do you really like? Well done with all your organising for funrazor. I'm sure it will be a special day and lots of money will be raised for CCF.