Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Only 4 days to go...

Okay so I know for a fact at least 3 people here on the Kapiti Coast read our local paper.

Shortly after the article came out about Funrazor and that I'll be shaving my hair - the one lady at New World looked at me and then asked "are you the lady from the paper shaving her hair?" And of course I am that lady.  And of course the next response is "wow, you are so brave!"  But it is only hair really and will grow back and I really like low maintenance hair styles (and you can't get more low maintenance than that I tell you!).

This afternoon the girls had swimming and as we rushed in to change them (we were running late as usual) the one lady looked at me and said "hello".  I looked at her, said hello and must have looked rather stunned because I did not recognise her and didn't know who she was.  She then said "I saw you in the paper".  And then straight after that (straight after the swimming lesson that is, not the saying hello bit) we went to New World (yes again) and there was another cashier who looked at me, scanned a few items, looked at me again and then said "were you in the paper recently?"

I'm really pleased that the article was noticed (by at least 3 people) although find it rather odd being recognised by strangers.  I'm more of a hide in the background kind of person which will be rather hard on Sunday, but at least that is for a good cause.

There seems to be quite a bit of interest in the event on Sunday.  I am nervous and excited all at once.  All the big things have been put in place.  Everybody has been confirmed so very little can really go wrong I guess.  But I still worry that I will forget about something.

We've also got so many spot prizes now and I'm especially pleased that we have some cute things specifically for the kids so they can have their own spot prize draw.  We'll also have a raffle going.  So really, lots of ways for you to support us.

You can simply put some coins (or notes) in one of the buckets.  There will be some prizes for the audience, so make sure you listen closely to what the MC is saying...  You can buy a raffle ticket or two or three or more...  You could buy a copy of "You're not eating me".  You (or the kids rather) could paint their faces (and they'll get their own numbers to possibly win something cool), you could shave your hair (now really, you don't have to go size zero, but maybe a size 2??) or if you are really not brave enough, how about spraying it a bright colour (but hey, if I can shave my hair, so can you...).  All participants will also get numbers for spot prizes.  And there are some cool spot prizes - how does a 3 month gym membership sound?  Or a $40 meat voucher?  Or 5 pilates sessions?  Or what about a beach towel with some swim goggles?  You know - those kind of things...  Every little bit of support will make a difference!

Thank you Lee Patterson, Febe Opperman (our cute little niece) and Jane White for your donations. Much much appreciated!  I'd very much like to beat our friend Mike who is now sitting at $510 - so if you are able, please sponsor me (click here).

Only 4 days to go...  I know I haven't yet, but will post a before photo at some point (even if I hate photos of myself).


Sarah said...

Lea, I'm there to make sure you don't forget anything :) not that you will, your efforts will pay off :)

perhaps you should get your face painted, then you can be that woman who shaved her hair and looks like a tiger, or whatever you choose to go for!!

CANNOT WAIT Lea, it's going to be such a good day, for such a great cause :)

Lea said...

I'll paint my face if you will okay? :-)

Paul said...

Sounds like you've got it all under control. It's going to be a great event. The school children are really looking forward to singing my songs with me.

Lea said...

Thanks Paul! Looking forward to having you and your students joining us on the day!

blackhuff said...

You have a BIG heart, Lea. Big.