Friday, November 11, 2011

Rambling thoughts on a Friday

This morning a package arrived from a very generous person.  I can't tell you yet what this is because certain people read my blog and they'll have to wait until next week to find out...  So I'm looking forward to working on it...

I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to blog about today, but it was such a beautiful day today that I thought it was the perfect day for a gratitude post.

With the Funrazor only a week away (so have a nice look, because by next week my hair will be gone...), I am so blessed and grateful to all those who are helping me make this event happen.  I am incredibly nervous, but I do believe I have a great team on my side so it can only be a success!

I am so grateful to Coastlands who is supplying the venue (and given us the best spot!), Matt Hoyle from Multi Media supplying the staging, Daizy Design for Facepainting and Gingersnaps Photography who will walk around capturing our day.  Rodney Wayne who will come and help with the hair shaving.  There is Sarah who is so helpful and has fully embraced all my mad ideas.  And Paul and his students kindly giving up time on a Sunday to be there to support us.  The MC who will help us make lots of money on the day.  Mike and Matt and their families, Catherine one of the oncology mums who will join me on stage shaving her hair, every single helper, and every company who donated spot prizes.  Just earlier in the week I received a call from Radius Pharmacy here in Coastlands and they wanted to do something so offered to make up something that we can do as a raffle.  If I forgot about anybody, please accept my apologies.

I have been going through some of Bianca's photos from when she was unwell in preparation for the event setup and it is so amazing to see how far she's come. I've had this floating around in the back of my mind.  It is not perfect, but just a bit of a reflection really:

Stuck there in a moment
Time kept standing still
Looking at the road ahead
Wondering where to find the will

You showed us how to live
You showed us how to smile
Even when things
Were tough for a while

An uphill battle... a struggle
for such a long time
Looking so small
This little girl of mine

All alone over there
Not much for you to do
Fighting a beast
So much bigger than you

But look at you now
So vibrant and free
And happy just like a child
Deserves to be

For you those days are long forgotten
You've never looked behind
You live here only for today
Not a worry in your mind


Paul said...

Love your poem, Lea! It has the makings of a song. You've done really well getting so many on board to help you make money for an extremely important cause. Look forward to being part of it!

Kevin and Ruth said...

A number of years ago when our daughter was 18 she had her head shaved for a cancer fundraiser and then donated her hair to which went to making wigs for financally disadvantaged children under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. We were so proud of her for doing that. Good luck with your Funrazor.

Kevin and Ruth

amanda said...

Lea you have always had a way with words and this poem is amazing. I love it. Maybe Paul has already thought of a tune to turn this into a song?!
Looking forward to reading your published works soon Lea.

Wishing you every success with the Funrazor.

love, Mum

Julia said...

Paul needs to write some music to go with your words. LOVE what you are doing with Funrazor and am just thrilled that it is all coming together. It is going to be FANTASTIC and I hope you have someone to take pics!

Buttons said...

That is a beautiful poem. I think it is perfect. B

Sarah said...

I agree, it won't be long before we could see something published :) Paul, what do you think? :)

Lea, you have a gift there :)