Sunday, November 6, 2011

What a day!

Today didn't turn out as long as I thought. An early start though! Picked Bianca up from her friend's house in the Northcross / Oteha / Albany area where we stayed before. Got back and then the prep had to begin! Had to wash, dry and straighten Bianca's hair. Then it was time to get dressed, nails and make-up. Almost felt like wedding preparations. And then we left to go to the North Shore Events Centre.

There were a lot of teams competing and today was the second day. Some teams were really young and oh so cute! Bianca's team did incredibly well. For some of the girls in her team it was the first time! The more elite and older teams did some amazing stunts - tumbles, flying through the air and some stunning pyramids.

And then around 12:30 they had the junior award ceremony and Bianca's team got third place! Bianca is so proud of her medal.

We stayed a little bit for the afternoon session and then Bianca was ready to come back to our motel. Tonight we'll go out for dinner somewhere to celebrate.

Can't wait to share photos, so watch the space!

Tomorrow we are visiting Bianca's old school to say hi to her old teachers and visit her tree we planted.

How was your day today?


Sarah said...

I completely forgot about the straighteners.....after saying you could borrow mine. I'm glad you have some!

I'm sure tomorrow will be a very special day...the planting of a tree is such a great way to commemorate your journey up until that point and for how it can represent growth of the rest of Bianca's and your lives :) Going back in just under 12 years from now, as per your plan will be even more special :)

I hope she has fun seeing old friends and teachers.

Hayley said...

Cant wait to see the photos's. And well done too Bianca on her medal!

Paul said...

Hope you have a great celebratory dinner. A wonderful achievement for Bianca!

RosemaryO said...

Congratulations to Bianca and her team on winning a third place medal. That is great. Love your poem "to simply be"
Rosemary NY