Thursday, May 3, 2012

And so May arrives...

complete with all the expected feelings just as it has been the last May and the May before that and every other May since 2008.  The month leading up to the time when everything changed way back in 2007.  Since then I hate change!  I find comfort in routine, find comfort in knowing what is coming.  Of course you can't avoid change.  It happens all the time.  People change, situations change, circumstances change - I just really don't enjoy change.  I suppose because it betrayed me way back in 2007, it abused my trust. 

Although in saying that change sometimes can be a good thing, I know that and even though I'm not quite sure just yet of the outcome, the meeting I had today showed me that change can be positive again.  I met the most inspirational lady today who is extremely passionate and it was refreshing meeting somebody like her.  More on this a bit later on.

The meeting today was a highlight.  The rest of my day, not so much.  Kind of like the weather.  One moment up, then down, mostly feeling sorry for myself.  And then my friend Rose sent me the sweetest message on Facebook, that she was thinking of me and came across a video clip that reminded her of Bianca.  What a lovely song! 

Thank you so much Rose!  Your message means so much to me!


Paul said...

I'm with you I don't enjoy change either! I'm so glad you had a positive meeting today and I'm sure there will be positives for the future.

blackhuff said...

I'm happy that you have enjoyed your meeting. I'm very curious though :)
Sorry to hear the weather is not so lovely there. People in Cape Town is also complaining. Here in upper SA, we are still experiencing Summer (and not Autumn like it should be.) Very weird because I remember it being much more cold, last year this time round. Rather scary, if I might add. Global warming comes to mind.
I can imagine how you don't like change (I too despise it.)

Ellie said...

Sorry to hear that you are feeling a bit down at the moment. Hopefully this time will pass quickly for you.
Your meeting sounds like it was good though. Can't wait to hear about it.