Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A cold and windy Tuesday

There is another blog entry that I want to share, but there is one bit of confirmation I need to wait for.  Hopefully tomorrow. 

Today was cold and windy.  It is going to make my training sessions rather "interesting" now with winter just around the corner.  I definitely don't like the cold.  This morning I went out to do my bike ride and ended up doing 35km at an okay pace.  At several points it was a real struggle with the wind coming from the front and by the end of it my legs were not too happy with me.

Bianca had her first netball practise today and boy was it freezing waiting for her.  I figured since we had to leave for swimming straight after it would be a good idea to wait for her.  Caitlyn had a lovely time playing with a little boy who was there with his mum waiting for his big sister who was also at the netball practise.

Swimming was great and both girls enjoyed their lesson.  They are making good progress and both have really good teachers.  With Caitlyn especially we no longer seem to have tears and I'm glad she is finally at the point now where she is actually enjoying it.

Not yet sure what tomorrow will bring, but this was our Tuesday in a nutshell.  Hope your day was great!


Sue said...

Hope that swimming pool was heated. It would be getting cool now wouldn't it? Sue

cat said...

We are having such great weather - after a really cold week last week, the last few days have been beautiful and almost hot. Last bit of summerness

Don't unplug your hub. said...

These last few weeks feels like I'm living in a swimming pool!