Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bullet-point Wednesday

  • Today I got busy, lost track of time and by the time I thought I'd go out for a bike ride it was too late and nearly time to get the girls.  I really don't like that it gets dark so much earlier at the moment as it does limit things quite a bit.  
  • I had a call from Statistics New Zealand and not quite sure why we were selected for them to come and do their survey about 3 months ago, but now it seems every 3 months they'll be checking up on us.  I spent around 15 minutes saying "yes"..."no"..."no"..."nothing's changed" ..."yes" ... "no" ... "no" ... "no" ... sigh!  Honestly what a waste of my time!
  • Had an interesting phone call resulting in a lunch time meeting tomorrow afternoon.  Not sure exactly what the outcome might be, but I had some really positive feedback which was nice to hear.  More on this possibly later.
  • Caitlyn had her very first cheerleading session today and loved it.  Absolutely no tears.  They all looked so cute and this is a class specifically for 4 - 7 year olds.  Very low key and they won't be doing any competitions, but they are learning the same kind of skills.  Caitlyn's session was for an hour and Rose and I waited around to watch and spent the entire hour listening to a one year old screaming his little head off because he didn't want to be inside the enclosed area and his mum didn't really bring anything to entertain him.  I kind of wished she put him in his pram to take him for a bit of a walk which probably would have been much nicer for him than spending an hour in the area they were sitting.
  • The kids thought it was Christmas as I handed out the things that came in my mum's box and they've had the best time this afternoon playing with the little toys my mum's one friend sent.  They are so spoilt.  
 How was your Wednesday?


Paul said...

It's great that Caitlyn is involved with cheerleading like her big sister. Good luck on the meeting. You will be getting geared up for your mum's coming!

blackhuff said...

I hope to hear of that interesting lunch date you have :) I'm so curious.
Cheerleading session - excellent

Kevin and Ruth said...

It is unbelievable how fast days seem to go by. Funny how your days are getting shorter and ours are getting longer.

So glad that Caitlyn enjoyed her cheerleading class. It must be so cute to watch little ones like that.

Don't forget to vote for us,

Kevin and Ruth

Ellie said...

It's really good to find something the girls like to do - cheerleading sounds like fun.
You must be looking forward to your mum's visit.
You have me intrigued with your lunch date!!