Thursday, May 24, 2012

A quick update

I'm still here and am briefly stopping by for a quick update.
  • Earlier this week I finished some training manuals as part of the part-time position that I have recently been offered.  It was really interesting to do something other than housework for a change and the I received really positive feedback so am absolutely thrilled.  
  • Yesterday I went out for a bike ride and it was incredibly tough.  Granted it was a hilly ride, but the mindset wasn't quite there and my legs acted up a bit.  I did do about 18km in total so am pleased given the circumstances. 
  • Yesterday we also had a power cut from about 9am to 3:30pm.  When I came back from my bike ride I wasn't feeling all that great so decided to go have a short nap.  Because I was freezing I thought I'd switch on the electric blanket. At some point I wondered why it wasn't heating up and then "of course it needs ELECTRICITY".  Then I thought I might make myself some toast and remembered "it needs ELECTRICITY".  Funny how you suddenly only want to do things requiring electricity when they cut the power.
  • Cailtyn had her hair cut.  She actually decided to snip off some of her own hair and when we asked her why she did it she said that she wanted it short.  So Terence took her to the hairdresser last weekend and she got her hair cut.


And that's it for now.  Sorry, not all that interesting.  How has your week been?


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Aww glad you popped in! :D Caitlyns hair looks great! A proper little lady now. Same old same week here, battling with UFOs and stuff, freezing me titties off ya know...usual! :D

LatteJunkie said...

Yay, thanks for the update! Caitlyn's hair looks lovely.

My week's been pretty normal - only highlight(?) is trying to work out how to help my mum get rid of the bergie living in her garage door way. Talk about hands being tied.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Caitlyn's hair looks GORGEOUS!!!!

And so chuffed for you (do you still say chuffed?) that you got such great positive feedback on your training manuals!

Lien - all new adventures said...

gosh, you've got gorgeous kids. Must be good genes :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow Caitlyn looks so much like Bianca in her after photo!

Her hair looks super cute!


Hayley said...

Love her hair, grown up :-)

Good to hear from you...

Maria said...

Good on you! You must be so proud of yourself after working on those training manuals :-) 18km bike ride??? I'm impressed! I think 5km would be my limit! lol

RosemaryO said...

Glad you updated. Caitlyn looks so cute even in the before picture! She is so cute.
We are enjoying beautiful mild, sunny spring weather here in NY.
Sorry for your cold dreary weather.
Good luck with your new job. Sounds like a good fit for you.

Kevin and Ruth said...

Wow, Cailtyn sure got a lot taken off. She looks pretty cute and happy with the finished result.

Since putting the solar panels on our motorhome we never have to worry about the electricity going out, gotta say I love it! A week ago while we visiting my Dad the power was out all morning and I was doing things similar to you, just not used to that.

Kevin and Ruth

Paul said...

Good to see you back posting! Caitlyn's hair does look nice! Keep up the efforts on the bike.

Paul said...

Good to see you back posting! Caitlyn's hair does look nice! Keep up the efforts on the bike.

Ellie said...

Hi Lea, nice to see you updating.
18km on the bike - all I can say is well done you.
Caitlyn's hair is really lovely and she really suits it.
Your girls are getting so grown up looking. :)

Don't unplug your hub. said...

My week has been really interesting. Well done on the cycling. Caitlyn looks beautiful.

blackhuff said...

SO lovely to see an update from you. Was wondering what was up with you and your family, earlier this week.
I love the "after" haircut. She looks so grown up.

Klári said...

Beautiful...I love this new Style.... The little girl grew up:) Kisses for you:)

Susan said...

Oh Caitlyn's new hair length looks so flattering to her. I just love that urge to snip at it herself - I share those same urges lol!

cat said...

She does look beautiful! She has stunning hair