Sunday, May 6, 2012

The ostrich and the temple lunge

Training session this morning with Lynley and it was a pretty tough one.  Well not tough in the sense that we run long distances because it isn't that kind of session.  We met at the Raumati Beach car park and then did a short jog as a warm up until we got to the Raumati Beach school netball courts.  That's where the fun started (ha!)  When I left this morning I thought that maybe I might ask Lynley to take some photos, but after today's session probably best I did not take the camera along :-)

These sessions are aimed at getting us to have a better running posture and to kind of think about what we are meant to be doing with our feet and arms and shoulders and so on.  So we did quite a few running drills feeling rather silly because of course it is right by the road where I'm sure we were pretty visible to whoever came past.  One of the things we did made us all look a bit like ostriches and another made it look like we were doing some kind of funky dance move from one side of the court to the other.  Others just pretty much confirmed we suck when it comes to coordination.

Then it was time to do core strength exercises and let me tell you doing a core strength exercise is nearly impossible when somebody says something hilarious and you end up laughing.  One of the things we had to do was hold our hands above our heads and then do lunges from one side to another.  I commented that it must look like we are doing some or the other yoga movement and one of the other girls then said "yes we can call this the temple lunge".  That's not what Lynley heard... so was rather hilarious in the end.  I think by the end of it we will have a whole lot of new exercise terms that we will be able to introduce to other athletes...

So between Val and the swimming on Friday and Lynley and the run skills today I think my arms and legs are not too happy with me right now. 

The rest of today will just be fairly low-key.  A few things to do around the house, some admin things to catch up on and I've been listening to some of Paul's songs he sent me before and right now am stuck on a particular one.  That's kind of how it goes for me when it comes to music - depending on my mood, I tend to get stuck on one song that I would listen to over and over.

Hope your day is going well.  What are you getting up to?


Susan said...

Your description of those exercises certainly brings a smile Lea!! No wonder your limbs aren't too happy. You must be getting so fit though.
It's a gloomy old day over here (weather-wise), but I intend to brighten it up by creating some new pot plants from cuttings and then spreading them around various parts of the garden.
Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Cheers to you and yours :D)

Paul Forster said...

Happy you were listening to my songs. What one did you get stuck on? Way to go with the exercises and fitness regime.

Don't unplug your hub. said...

Just as I finished reading this Yola my neighbour called. She has made me some dinner. I'm off round there right now.

Ellie said...

You might find the exercises hard but I have to say that reading your words makes it sound as if you really enjoy yourself. That's great!!!