Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Internet problems

Yesterday and today I've been really sore after Sunday's session with Lynley.  If I wasn't sure I had muscles there, now I know and boy are they screaming at me!  I was going to tell you this yesterday except our internet went down in the afternoon.  Oh no!  What will I do without the internet???  Was rather frustrating because I spent over an hour on my cell phone (thankfully a toll free number) before the service provider finally answered and I was able to discuss it with them.  They kind of made a vague promise that sometime today it might be back up and running.  Urgh! 

Everybody who knows me will know just how good I am at waiting for things... okay, okay you can stop laughing now.  Truth is - I hate waiting.  I have no patience and want things to happen now.  But last night I had no option but to sit and wait it out.  Of course that's also when I suddenly thought of all these things I wanted / needed to do.  There were some things I wanted to email Paul about (about one of his favourite movies (I think) that I ended up watching), I wanted to touch base with Rose on Skype, read up on some stuff and of course all of that needed the internet.  Sigh!  How did I cope before our internet days?

This morning couldn't come fast enough and finally just after 9 got hold of the service provider who told me that they didn't know just yet when exactly we'd be back online. 

And then finally around 10:30 we were back online and all sorted out.  So what did I do?  Came here to get my internet fix and to tell you about my internet troubles. 

It's lovely to be online again :-).  So what did I miss???


Lien - all new adventures said...

Not being online is the pits! Fortunately I can tether using my iPhone as a hotspot, so whenever I'm somewhere when I'm desperate to plug in then 3G is my saviour. I know, I'm so sad. But it's true.

You're so good with your training regime. Good for you, Girl!

Paul said...

Glad you're back on line. Enjoy reading your posts and catching up with you!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I'm the same - terrible without internet - although I did it in Sabie for 3 days... :)

After the first day it gets easier LOL

blackhuff said...

I know the feeling of not wanting or able to wait. I'm like that too and boy - I so get it when the internet is off. It's unacceptable in this day and age :)