Thursday, May 17, 2012

A rambling reflective post

It's been a distracting few days.  I've had a lot of thoughts just constantly running through my mind and last night I was convinced that I probably fried half my brain with all the thinking I've been doing.  But that's just me really.  My thoughts like to multiply and then run in circles around my head. 

I was thinking today how lovely it would be if we somehow had a crystal ball that could just give you answers or tell you where a road might lead or tell you what the outcome of something might be.  I know that things usually happen as they are meant to, but it doesn't always seem clear at the time.  But I suppose that's life really. 

I was thinking today how much life is like a butterfly.  We start off as caterpillars quite comfortable in what is familiar, but sometimes it is time for change and to achieve that change is hard, potentially uncomfortable, it is filled with the unknown, might seem scary and risky, might even cause some hurt (don't really know if caterpillars feel hurt when they change), but the fact is you can't become the butterfly if you are not prepared to take that chance.  There is no way the caterpillar would know the outcome or even what the change might be other than it requires a transformation.  Staying a caterpillar might seem the safest bet. After all the swan plant he lives on is familiar territory.  What he knows might feel safe, but unless he takes the risk and undergoes his transformation he will never get to spread his wings and discover the rest of the world just waiting for him.

It's funny how when you are doing something that is lots of fun like spending time with a special friend for instance that the time just goes by so fast and yet, when you are waiting for something to happen time just drags so incredibly and frustratingly slow.  I was thinking that the other day and how weird this concept really is because it is not that time really moved faster or slower, it is still moving at the same speed. 

But anyway, there is no real message or purpose to this blog entry.  Just a bunch of thoughts thrown together...  At least the rain stopped and it is nice and sunny today (although freezing - I think we are going to have a really cold winter this year).


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I'm going for a lie down! That was all very deep and philosophical for me! lol! My advice....drink more wine! :D

Lien - all new adventures said...

Must be something in the air because I'm kind of on the same wave length as you right now.

What you've observed about time is described in the theory of relativity - specially time dilation. It's fascinating, isn't it?

blackhuff said...

Sometimes I also get times where I feel it would be nice to have a crystal ball.

Don't unplug your hub. said...

Butterflies can never seem to settle in one place for very long. Sometimes its good to be a caterpillar.

Ellie said...

Poor you - you sounds as if your head is all over the place.
If I can't sleep at night - which happens to often for my liking - I lie awake and feel as if my brain is frying with all the thoughts that are flying around in there.
I had to laugh at Sue's comment though - maybe a glass of wine is just what you need. :)