Saturday, May 26, 2012

This and that on a Saturday

Yesterday was the weekly swim session again and it was hard work as always.  But as I'm often told No pain no gain.  Val is good though and I really enjoy her sessions.  We were 4 in the session yesterday.  Towards the end of the session I got a leg cramp that was pretty uncomfortable so not sure what was up.

This morning Terence took the kids to the mall to buy a birthday present for Rose's daughter Lily's birthday party.  While they were there I went off to the gym for about an hour.  Spent mostly time on the bikes and then also did some leg presses or whatever they are called.

Got home for a quick lunch, wrapped presents and then Caitlyn and I set off for the party and Terence and Bianca went to Bianca's netball match which unfortunately they did not win today.   The party was great (exceedingly noisy - as you'd expect with a 6 year old birthday party). 

With the end of May fast approaching I need to start planning Bianca's birthday party for next month.  Bianca has a few ideas and I have some options that I am looking at.

It is hard to believe the end of May is right around the corner.  This year is going just way too fast I think.


Don't unplug your hub. said...

I think I might start swimming lessons. I need to do some kind of exercise now that I can't walk so well because of my bad toe. Did I mention my toe? I'm a martyr to it!
You are so right about time passing so quickly. We really need to make the most of it.

paul said...

Well done getting out to the gym! The gain is coming any day soon! Give it your all with gusto...zest!

cat said...

You are really doing so well with the fitness thing

Susan said...

Oh my goodness you're so right Lea... this year is totally screaming along.
Your fitness programme is sounding very positive :D)