Monday, May 14, 2012

Catching up...

The last few days I've had quite a bit on my mind and so haven't really been in the right frame of mind to blog and am a bit behind on leaving comments - sorry!  Nothing to worry about though.

A big thanks to Sam and Amanda for their generous donations to our chosen charity that we are supporting through our very big and very crazy goal.  We are trying to raise lots to make a difference to kids dealing with life-threatening illnesses and if you are able, would really appreciate it if you could sponsor us.  Every little bit makes a big difference.  To sponsor us, click here.

On Saturday Rose, Denise and I went to the gym.  We did some or the other cross-trainer thingy that was really tough on my legs and then we did a virtual ride.  Effectively almost like a spinning class but it was just the 3 of us with a DVD instructing us what it wanted us to do.  Coped pretty well until the DVD instructor asked us to stand up and cycle and boy did my leg muscles burn!  We finished our gym session with a brief treadmill session and that was pretty much it for Saturday.

Sunday and we had our session with Lynley again. She is very good and we enjoy her sessions!  Sunday's session was learning to cycle really close to others and to develop our reaction times.  I struggled.  Big time and for most of it looked like a very drunk person.

The girls spoilt me for mothers day and later on we went out for lunch. 

Today it is a pretty cold and rainy day.  John, I think the rain you talked about recently on your blog came over here - can you please take it back?

Hope you are all having a good Monday so far!


JoggersPark said...

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Don't unplug your hub. said...

It is back Lea. With a Vengeance! Should be nice where you are now.

Ellie said...

The weather here is pretty awful as well. You wouldn't really think it was May!!!
I've heard that spinning classes are pretty intense. I'm very impressed you give everything a go.

cat said...

Hope the weather improve.