Sunday, December 11, 2011

Now I just feel old...

Recently my cousin Murray turned 21.  Happy birthday Murray!  And so his mum (my aunt Shelley) posted on Facebook a whole bunch of photos taken through the years.  It seems a lifetime ago that this particular photo (below) was taken.  Well, I guess it has been 21 years ago, so really it is a lifetime ago!  I must have been about 14 at that stage.

This photo was taken in Amanzimtoti in the Durban area in South Africa.  Every year we'd go and visit my grandmother who lived just around the corner from Uncle Nico and Aunt Shelley.  And usually we'd go in the June / July school holidays because Durban gets incredibly hot and humid in the summer.  I know it doesn't make much sense to people here, but that was the only time we ever got to spend time at the beach because we lived about 600km away at the time.

Oh the memories this photo brings! 
Front: Amanda (my mum), Ouma Ella [RIP] (my granny, my mum's mother), Aunt Shelley with Murray on her lap
Back:  Eric (my brother), Uncle Leon [RIP] (my mother's oldest brother), Me, my cousin Dionne (or Deenie as we called her), Aunt Janice (who was married to Uncle Leon at the time), Cousin Leigh-Anne (Dionne's younger sister), Uncle Nico (Murray's dad and my mum's youngest brother)


amanda said...

Thx Lea......pain free cosmetic surgery and no costs wrinkles and no grey hair and we all look 21 years younger!!

Just kidding..thx it's a lovely photo and brings back very special memories.

My personal view is that wrinkles and grey hair are visible in a mirror but are invisible in one's own heart and this is reflected in the eyes of a grandchild....

I love being a granny!

BridgetPirie said...

Lea, it took me ages to find you in the photo. Weren't you a little cutie... Oh yes, looking back at the old days sure is fun :)