Friday, December 9, 2011

Nearly the end of the school year

It is exactly a week until the end of the school year for Bianca.  And while I'm excited for what next year will bring, am also a bit sad that Year 3 went so fast for her.  She had a fantastic teacher this past year.  We could not have asked for better!

Today they put out the class lists for next year and it is now official, Bianca will be going to Year 5 next year and effectively skipping Year 4.  She'll be in a Year 5 / 6 class (they combine certain classes here) and today Bianca got to spend a little bit of time with her new teacher.  She is very excited. 

It was also really exciting to see Caitlyn's name on the Year 1 list for next year even though she'll only start on the 22nd of February when she turns 5.  Just the other day Caitlyn wanted to know when her school visits will start and she is pretty excited that one of the little boys with her at daycare will also be in her class next year.  I took Caitlyn to go and see her new class and she suddenly became all shy :-).  So hard to believe Caitlyn is actually starting big school next year!


blackhuff said...

Very interesting read this. If they combine years together, does that mean that the child stays in the Year 5/6 class for 2 years?
The schools are closing here in SA today. And it's raining cats and dogs :)
Enjoy your weekend

Anonymous said...

Why does she get to skip year 4? Thats really intresting that they put year 5 and 6 together.