Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Time to stop being lazy...

Earlier today I decided it was time to stop being lazy, take advantage of the nice weather and I went out for a bike ride.  
Image seen on Facebook recently

I have forgotten how very unfit I am and nearly died in the process with every part in my body complaining, but I did manage around 23km (even if it took me a very long time to do), so I'm pretty happy about that. Don't know how I will eventually manage to go faster, but for now I guess the only important thing is that I'm actually doing it.

Must say that it feels rather weird that today is another public holiday.  It keeps feeling like a Sunday when in fact it is Tuesday already.  And this week and next week is going to be strange too with Terence working from home.  I'm not quite sure how much work he thinks he will be able to actually do with the kids home at the same time (and I can see that he will probably hide out in our room for most of the time).  Although in saying that next week Caitlyn will go back to daycare so then it will just be Bianca at home for most of the week. 

For most of it so far we've had another rather quiet day today.  Terence has taken the girls to the skate park and we're just doing a few chores around the house.  I think it is best that we take advantage of the quieter days because once school starts again it will become rather busy again I think.  

But I'm rambling (can't help it if we're boring people) and so I'll stop writing now.  What did you get up to today?


amanda said...

Wow 23km!!! Very proud of you. The "kitty exercises" seem "more suitable" for me thx. Hope Terence gets some work done. Today I am going out to breakfast with my neighbour. Hope to get some ironing and other work done afterwards.It's raining and that is really reading/dvd/relaxing kind of weather.Will need to motivate myself to get the work done... Tomorrow it's back to the salt mines. Hope you have a great week. Love you all. mom.xx

Paul said...

Well done riding 23km. An excellent effort. Keep remembering that it gets easier with regular practice. Tomorrow is also supposed to be good weather for a bike ride.

Buttons said...

23 KM Congratulations I think I could never do that with the gravel roads around here I would certainly never make it. I am sad to say I would either walk or drive that. If I passed out there are no houses for at least that far, I may lay there awhile :) I am so in awe of your drive. WELL DONE :) B

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

I'm off for a lie down! I feel exhausted for you!!! ;-D

Marcia (123 blog) said...

well done!!!!

I also feel sluggish and fat so I phoned up the personal trainer and I trained this morning :)