Monday, December 26, 2011

A day of nothingness

After yesterday today was simply a day of nothingness.  A quiet day where we all slept in (even the kids).  Am not surprised about that because the night before certain little girls only fell asleep past midnight and was up relatively early Christmas morning and last night again they didn't fall asleep as early as they should have.  And so we all slept in, had a late breakfast and just sort of hung out until our friends left around 11am.

The only remotely exciting thing we did today was when Caitlyn and I went to see the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie this afternoon (and Terence took Bianca to the skate park to try out her new roller blades) and afterwards it was time for Bianca and Terence to go see the new Tintin movie. 

Hope your day was good too!


Sharon said...

Very much a day of nothingness here too Lea. Must say sometimes those kind of days are the best!

Hayley said...

The best kind of Boxing Day :-)

Paul said...

Sounds like you needed a relaxing day. Hope the movies were good!

Kevin and Ruth said...

That's the only way to celebrate Boxing Day. I don't get these people who run out to the stores with all the crowds to try and get the deals. I really like the sit back and relax kind of day especially after a hectic Christmas Day.

Glad you enjoyed your day.

Kevin and Ruth