Monday, December 19, 2011

Snippets of our Monday

  • Yesterday we had a lovely time at the Johnsonville Swimming pools.  Terence's company booked it out from 3pm - 6pm and the kids had the best time ever!  

  • This morning I had to sort out fights and arguments three times between the girls (and we're only on the first day of the holidays...).  They love each other to bits, but sometimes they get on each others nerves.  And it didn't help that I was feeling rather flat this morning (thankfully they are old enough to entertain each other).
  • 6 Days until Christmas and I don't feel 100% ready yet.  Getting there, but not quite.  I better not be this disorganised again next year!  Are you all ready?
  • Today I got the most amazing Christmas present ever!  My mum's passport arrived back from immigration with the residence visa sticker inside.  By next year December she'll be here!!!   
  • This afternoon my friend Rose and her daughter came for a visit.  And we had a lovely time just catching up.  
And that was pretty much our Monday, hope yours is / was lovely too!


Hayley said...

Sounds like a good Monday :-)

Maa said...

Yep....mine was good too. I picked up my new sunglasses. The price wasn't the best news, but I'm glad to have them again. I'd better take proper care of these.
I like the pic of the two girls having fun in the pool. Maa

Kevin and Ruth said...

Hope you have perked up! Good news on your mother's passport.

Kevin and Ruth

Paul said...

Our girls are best mates but not always. All relationships have their moments and often of course the closer they are the bigger the clashes. Fantastic that your mum's visa is all sorted.