Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Things I know today

  • This post was written for me (well not really for me personally as such, but many lessons I can take from it).
  • I hate last minute Christmas shopping and crowded shops.  And yet, I never learn.  Each year is exactly the same (sigh!).
  • This coming Saturday Bianca has been invited to the Pride Awards (along with Terence and me) and I have no idea what I am supposed to be wearing then.  I have absolutely no fashion sense and I absolutely hate clothes shopping. 
  • When you swim, don't forget to put your goggles back on.  Especially if you are wearing contact lenses as I found out at my last swimming lesson on Friday.  Usually I have to remind myself to open my eyes so I can see where I go and of course at one point after the instructor explained something, I lifted up my goggles because they fogged up a bit and then she told us to do 2 lengths of free style I think it was.  And as usual, as soon as I started I automatically closed my eyes, reminded myself to open them and [panic] realised that I was not wearing my goggles.  
  • Running in the rain is absolutely no fun.  I know on Wednesday the physio will be asking me what I have done and he won't be impressed if I said I didn't do anything.  So last night I sucked it up and braved the rain.  Wasn't too bad at the start, but by the end can honestly say that it is absolutely no fun getting wet when you run.  And in hindsight should have put contact lenses in because with the rain I could hardly see out of my glasses...
How is your week going?


Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

It doesn't get any better ya know! The older ya get the foggier it all gets! Learn to embrace it, bugger all else ya can do really!! lol Had a great day op shopping today, I bought 2 frocks!! I know!! Unbelievable hahha! As for Xmas shopping, haven't started yet! We don't get much to be honest, will do some food shopping the week before and get a couple of pressies. I just enjoy the day, it's different of course when you've got children.

theclam said...

Thank you for linking to that article - I needed that as well!

Week so far is busy and stressful and today we say goodbye to my SIL by marriages Mom so a little emotional too... but it's a short one and thank goodness for that!


blackhuff said...

I also don't like walking or running in the rain. Not the way I prefer to get wet - give me a swimming pool rather :)
Nice - I like the bullet post.

Paul said...

Keep up that exercise, Lea! Glad you're getting in to it. The rain doesn't seem to bother me too much running but I don't like biking in it.