Friday, December 30, 2011

A year in review

Because we will have people here tomorrow and I don't know what time I might be able to blog (and since many of you will probably be in party mode anyway and too busy to come and read), I'm going to do this entry today.

Wow, another year gone far too quickly.  I don't know if it is just that I'm getting older, or that our lives are busier or that time actually moves faster as the years go by, but I seem to remember that when I was a kid, it felt like forever before each year would end.  But here we are - about to say goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012.

I thought I would do a "year in review" post - a reflection on what happened this past year.  Please click on the links of the blog entries I did before.  So here goes:

  • I found volunteering at the SPCA to be one of the most rewarding experiences ever.  Especially on this day (click here) with a follow up post (click here).

  • I learned that while I enjoyed planning both Caitlyn and Bianca's birthday parties (Bianca's especially because of the Harry Potter theme), 11pm is not a good time to find out your birthday cake creation has flopped (click here)

  • We had an amazing visit to the Wellington Children's hospital in October delivering craft kits and providing some entertainment (well Paul did the entertainment, I'm not so good with that...)(click here)

  • My mum received her residency!!!!  And the timing was just perfect.  In time for her birthday we received the letter saying she has been accepted.  In time for Christmas I received her passport back from Immigration with the residency sticker and I managed to take a photo and sent it to my mum and in time for New Years my mum has her passport back in her hand all ready to start her big adventure.  (click here).

  • It was a year of some friendships lost, but also some friendships gained. (click here).

  • Bianca did amazingly well in her cheerleading competition.  She definitely wants to continue this again.  (Click here).

  • Funrazor.  Definitely one of the biggest highlights of my year.  With emphasis on the word "biggest".  I have never done such a big thing.  And it wasn't meant to be this big thing, but it became this big thing the longer I thought about it and the more I planned.  I was very blessed because I had so many who helped make it a success. It was also the day Paul surprised me with an amazing song. When I wrote the words I never dreamt it could actually become a song.  Thank you again Paul. You are so talented! (Click here). (Go check out Paul's YouTube channel - he has some pretty cool songs on there). 

  • Bianca reached 2 years off treatment.  While she is still not officially considered cured, it is amazing that we have reached this milestone and every year off treatment that she reaches, the less likely a relapse will be.  Bianca is doing so well.  (Click here).

  • I started trying to write poems again.  I have actually created a space where I keep all of my attempts.  (Click here).

  • It's been a year of trying to get fit even though progress has been incredibly slow (click here) and I suffered a rather annoying injury (click here). 

  • Bianca's had an amazing year at school with an amazing teacher.  We could not have asked for better.  Sad that it's come to an end so very soon, but we feel confident we made some great decisions (with some guidance).  (Click here for my thank you post).  I would have shared the letter Bianca wrote to Paul, but she doesn't want me to put it on here.  Let me just say I thought it was an amazing letter, especially for an 8 year old!  Remember Paul, I have already booked you to be Caitlyn's teacher in 2014... ;-).
  • Caitlyn has had a great year at daycare too. She's learned to write her name and spell cat.  And this was the last year she was in daycare.  Now in 2012 she only has a few more weeks of daycare before she will start big school when she turns 5 on the 22nd of February.  She cannot wait.  My little girl is growing up way too fast :-(
    And that was pretty much our year in a nutshell I guess.

    What was your 2011 like?

    As a new year comes knocking on your door
    And your dreams excitedly soar
    Ready to take off, running ahead
    Looking for wishes that you said

    I wish for you a year of fun
    Dreams aglow just like the sun
    With love and hope around each bend
    No need a broken heart to mend

    I wish that you will dance and sing
    Fly like an eagle spreading his wing
    May good things happen every day
    May good friends join you on your way

    This year is waiting for you
    To make the best that you can do
    I pray that you will see
    How wonderful each day can be

    Wishing you all a wonderful 2012.  May the new year bring all that is good and beautiful on your way and may this year be your best ever!


    Sharon said...

    Great post, thanks for sharing! Wishing you a happy New Year!

    Sharon said...

    Wishing you a happy new year Lea, to you and your beautiful family. May 2012 see you richly blessed.
    2011 was a year of redefining friendships for me, but also a good year!

    Paul said...

    An awesome poem, Lea! You do have a talent for writing! A wonderful reflective blog! Have loved being a part of your projects. The hospital visit and Funrazor were special occasions. I was priveleged to be Bianca's teacher and her poem honestly is the best I have ever received from someone of her age. She expressed her thoughts extremely well.Hope you have a fantastic 2012!

    Buttons said...

    Wow what an amazing year for you and I was so happy to be able to read about it. You have had many accomplishments with good news about your Mom and the health of your family are truly the amazing parts.
    I loved reading about the year and am happy to share these things with you via bloggerville.It has been nice getting to know you over this year.
    2012 is going to be wonderful.
    I love that poem you are truly a poet. Happy New Year. B

    Marcia (123 blog) said...

    LOVE your post!

    It's been good getting to know you a little bit this year, Lea.

    I think you did an awesome job this year, esp the Funrazor event. Definitely a big highlight.

    Maria said...

    A great post Lea! Happy New Year to you and your family :-)

    Susan said...

    You have had a successful year, Lea. I wish you and the family an even better 2012.
    Hugs Susan (Maa)