Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just a fancy term

Last night's run / walk session was really good.  I found a pace that was comfortable, it wasn't raining, wasn't too hot and I thought I did well.  I am mindful of going slow and gradually building up.  And have to say that I was really impressed that my leg has been feeling fine.  It hasn't been sore at all, not during and not after.  And so I felt sure that that must mean my regular date with my physio will soon be coming to an end. 

This morning was my physio session.  And I proudly shared with him that I have been out running and that my leg has been feeling fine. No sign of pain anywhere.  Ha!  That was until he started using this little hand massager thingy and almost instantly... blinding, burning pain.  And he was all like "so obviously there must still be some inflammation".  And so I spent the entire 20 minute session flinching, crying out in pain, letting him know when a spot was particularly painful.  And after a while of listening to me saying ouch (I lost count how many times), he looked up, smiled ever so sweetly and said "you will tell me if it hurts right?". 

So now I've come to the conclusion that 'physio' is simply a fancy term for somebody torturing another / inflicting pain and charging people money:-)  Yurri is good though - even if today's session was particularly painful.


Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Well there is only one letter difference between Physio and Psycho!

Lea said...

@ Sue - LOL, that is very true! I'll have to tell him that next week!

blackhuff said...

Glad to year your session went well and also the walk/run. Great work!

Paul said...

I see you have been introduced to Yurri's torture device. I meant to warn you about that :)Glad the exercise is going well.

Buttons said...

Wow except for the pain it sounds like you are doing well.
If I don't get back Merry Christmas to you and your family, I am sure it will be wonderful. Once I get this internet thing sorted out I will be back. Keep writing you are inspirational to many. B