Sunday, December 4, 2011

What a day!

At 9:30 Terence and Caitlyn left to catch their train - first to Coastlands Mall and then to Porirua and from there a bus to Adventure School in Whitby where they had the CCF Christmas party.  Bianca was hugely disappointed that she would be missing out. 

Here is some of what Caitlyn got up to:

At the same time Bianca and I went to the Kapiti Gymnastics hall where it was the gymnastics / cheerleading display and award ceremony. 

I found the morning session particularly full on as I sat there with my stuffy / runny nose and my head feeling rather sensitive surrounded by a large group of noisy kids (including some pre-schoolers) and their parents.  Bianca's cheerleading group did their routine and then Bianca's gymnastics group also did a bit of a display of some of the things they've learned all year long.  And afterwards she was awarded a "badge" award with a score of 8.7 that she received when they did assessments during the year.

The cheerleaders stayed on at the end of the morning session to prepare for their afternoon session and I quickly came home for a little bit.

The afternoon session was mostly for the more competitive gymnasts as well as all the cheerleaders.  The 4 cheerleading teams each did another display and then it was their prize-giving.  And Bianca received a trophy and certificate for having the best attitude in the Kapiti Rays team.  

Being called up to collect a cheerleading award

Feeling really proud!
By the end of the ceremony Bianca and one of her cheerleading friends decided they want to do a cheer / dance "duo" at the competition next year (so I guess we'll definitely be going to Auckland again next year).  Will have to speak to the coach and find out how that will work.

One of the other mums decided yesterday it would be nice for the girls to give something to their coach and so last night I quickly helped make the certificate.

The other mum organised a special trophy and some flowers.  And so today at the end of the awards ceremony the girls gave this to their coach who was very surprised :-). 
Thank you, Coach!

Looking at the schedule for Bianca for next year it would seem she's going to be fairly busy - Monday (5:30) gym, Tuesday (5:00) swimming, Wednesday (4:30) cheerleading and once the netball season starts then that will be on Saturday mornings.  In one way it is good that cheerleading is now going to move from a Saturday afternoon to a Wednesday because it does mean a less busy weekend, but I liked that my Wednesdays were not as rushed.  And who knows what activities Caitlyn will want to do once she starts school in February...


Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Great to see they are kept busy, I have to say though I don't miss being the taxi driver for all the activities that Michael used to do. Lovely gift for the coach. :D

Paul said...

How exciting for Bianca to get the awards. You sure are going to be busy next year!

Hayley said...

Love that award :-)

And yes you are going to be busy next year...but it'll be worth it :-)

How is the cold?

amanda said...

Well done Bianca!

Hope you feel better soon Lea.

Caitlyn and Terence also seem to have had a fun day.


Maa said...

Better look after that cold, Lea. You're going to be needed next year. Congratulations Bianca on that lovely award. Maa