Monday, December 5, 2011

A question

I've been trying to come up with something interesting to blog about, but I've not managed.  It doesn't help that my head is feeling all blocked up thanks to the cold I have and that the day outside is rather grey and rainy, so instead I will share with you what I found.

One of the blogs I like reading because it is so thought-provoking is this one (click here).  And in their latest blog entry they ask a whole range of questions to get you thinking.  To help you reflect and find more meaning.  I never realised it, but they seem to have a whole blog dedicated to these kind of questions (click here).  And because I don't feel all that inspired today, I'll share this one with you that I saw on this new blog I found:

Photo taken by Kaptain Kobold.

I think this particular question is rather relevant for this time of the year when we start slowing down (or will soon) and reflect upon a year that has simply flown by and a new year just around the corner.

For me 3 positive things that happened this year:

  • While I had a few disappointing experiences on the friendship front, I have made a few really good friends.  And for me quality is far more important than quantity!
  • My mum's immigration process.  This has to be one of the highlights of my year!
  • Doing things like Funrazor, the hospital visit and volunteering at the SPCA and CCF.  Giving a little bit back and trying to make a difference was an extremely positive and rewarding experience for me.  With Funrazor it was amazing to see a community coming together and be part of it.
I'm sure there's more, but these 3 stand out for me.

So what are three positive things that happened to you this year?

How about you go through the list, find a question that stands out for you and share your thoughts!


LatteJunkie said...

Lol, I am doing the exact same thing... I'm hoping to go through all 95 questions before the end of the year... Maybe...

Paul said...

There are many thought provoking questions. I chose No 21!
What I'm most grateful for are
Family, friends, teaching and health.

blackhuff said...

Thanks for sharing the links with us. I will be going through the q's and doing some blog posts to answer some of them. So thought provoking indeed.
3 things this year?
1. Find a nanny for next year.
2. Some new experiences I'm going to have in December.
3. Buying our first ever car together as a married couple :)
Love this post of yours.

Sarah said...

I'm tempted to answer the whole list Lea, but for the question you chose....having met your family is in the top 3 :) and meeting the talented Mr Forster who has already given me two music lessons!! and lots of time spent with my family :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

My top 3 things?


1. Amazing friends made through the blog!
2. My newtown photo shoot - I love it so much - makes me sooo happy
3. The fact that I've had lots of creative expression this year