Monday, January 9, 2012

2 Recipes and just a few ramblings

Today was mostly a quiet sort of day (except for one particular thing I have been working on).  Caitlyn woke up extremely grumpy and for a little while we went to visit Rose and her kids (Lily and Marcus).  Rose and I chatted about our exercise attempts, kids, birthday parties and so on.  Rose was doing some or the other training on Saturday and was easy enough to manage so I'm thinking I'll join her this coming Saturday.  Tonight after Terence comes home Rose will cycle here and together we'll cycle to the pool and do a swim.  See I haven't given up on the exercise front...

Speaking of exercise I read somebody's blog post today that made me laugh.  She wrote "...seeing that my natural running pace seems to be slightly slower than my walking pace, I was pooped. Very early on".  That sounds like me... :-).

We don't have a lot of plans this week.  Tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday Caitlyn will have daycare.  Wednesday will be busy though.  Physio in the morning and then Bianca and I need to head to the city (an hour's drive) for her blood test and doctor's appointment.  We're hoping to meet up with Bianca's Camp Quality companion. 

Bianca is extremely excited for next week because from Tuesday to Sunday she'll be on Camp Quality and they'll be going to Hawkes Bay!  So next week with Caitlyn at daycare and Bianca at camp - what will I be doing to occupy myself?

So what plans have you got for this week?

I had some requests for 2 recipes, so here goes...

Pasta Dish

Cook some bacon (cut into pieces), mince and pasta.  We have a pasta here that is called Lasagne pasta, but looks a bit like ribbon pasta.  Once cooked, mixed together and stir in Dolmio three cheese sauce and grate some cheese over it and put in the over for a bit until cheese is melted.  And that's pretty much it.

Pumpkin Fritters

Make pumpkin fritters by mixing together:

500ml cooked pumpkin
1 cup flour
10ml baking powder
2ml salt
1 egg

Cook in shallow oil

To make the syrup:

Heat 15ml butter, 1 and a half cup sugar and 200ml milk until boiling.
Dissolve 15ml corn flour in 175ml cold water and add slowly to milk mixture.
Heat until boiling and pour over pumpkin fritters.


Paul Forster said...

Must try your recipe for pumpkin fritters. I know they're good from first hand experience. Hope the cycle and swim goes well!

Maria said...

Thanks for the pumpkin fritters recipe Lea!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Thanks so much for the recipes but dear Lea, you're going to have to be a bit more specific with the pasta. :)

Cook them together how? with which spices, etc?