Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"I did it all by myself"

This morning Caitlyn was just feeling all down in the dumps and generally sad.  Actually she's been a bit fussy for a few days now.  I seriously considered keeping her home, but in the end thought it best to drop her off and ask the teachers to call me if she was really feeling unwell and then I would come and pick her up.  I left a tearful Caitlyn with the promise I would be there earlier and that we would go and do something fun.  When I picked Caitlyn up this afternoon she was all smiles and had a great day.  I can't help wondering if Caitlyn is not perhaps starting to feel a little stressed and anxious about starting big school. I know she's ready.  And she is excited.  And she'll love it.  But right now this is still a bit of an unknown that is happening soon. 

Today Bianca decided to bake a cake.  And not just any cake, but using a recipe that she made up all by herself.  Her recipe was:

1 cup flour
A pinch salt
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon baking powder
Food colouring
1 lid vanilla essence

And so she set about mixing it all together and even put it into the oven all by herself.  Then when we took it out, she proudly said "I did it all by myself".  And guess what, it actually tasted pretty good.  It was a little bit on the dry side and didn't quite rise as much as it could've, but this was her very own recipe.  Pretty good for an 8 year old!

And other than that I worked on my project and got to listen to some great songs!

Tomorrow morning will be an early physio appointment, dropping Caitlyn off at daycare and then Bianca and I will head off to Wellington Hospital.  We plan to be there around 9 to do blood tests (and fingers crossed no clotted samples) and then at 10:30 we'll see Bianca's doctor.  I'm expecting it to all be just routine.  And hopefully if all goes according to plan we'll get to meet Bianca's camp companion.  And then we'll come back home.

How was your day today?  What do you have planned for tomorrow?


Paul said...

Bianca has many talents. Baking her own cake at 8...impressive! Hope all goes well tomorrow with your hospital visit. As you say it should be merely routine!

Anonymous said...

U know Lea, when my neice was due to start school she was 100% ready and excited for it but as the day drew closer and closer she was getting VERY stressed and anxious about it. I asked her one day what was bothering her about going to school and she told me she was super worried that she couldn't read ;) Once I explained to her that that is what school was for - to teach her to read she was like a totally different child... so it might be something small like that that is "stressing" Caitlyn out about starting school...

Much love

Anonymous said...

Oh! And I think we might have Australia's next Masterchef living in your home - way to go on her own recipe ;)


amanda said...

Well done Bianca. I am looking forward to tasting your special baking.

Caitlyn, soon you will be reading me bedtime stories. School will be so much fun.

Lea, ek vertrou dat als more goed sal verloop.

baie liefde, ma xxxx

Jess said...

That is awesome about Bianca's cake. My niece is a similar age and loves cooking too. She might want to have a go at taking a simple plain scone or muffin recipe and jazzing it up over the holidays - can be as creative as your imagination with flavour combinations.