Thursday, January 5, 2012

Not long now...

In just a bit more than a month I will be heading off to Auckland to go and see one of my all time favourite groups.  Of course Terence says that this is a sign that I'm getting old now.  And certainly I must admit I do feel a bit old when I hear them on the radio and say to Bianca "ooh, this was one of my favourites when I was just a bit older than you are now".

So next week I need to book my flights and accommodation.

What songs bring back memories for you?  Which music groups do you like?

These songs bring back soooo many memories!


Maria said...

How exciting travelling to see a favourite pop group! I'm a lot older than you so my favourite groups are sorta 1960s and 1970s groups...they need zimmer frames to get around probably now! lol

Do you live towards the south of North Island as I thought you once mentioned Kapiti coast???

Lea said...

Hi Maria, We live on the Kapiti Coast which is at the bottom of the North Island (so yes, south).

Had to laugh at your comment of your favourite groups!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Oh YES! that brings back lovely memories (it must have been love... :))


Paul said...

They sound like a special group. They can actually sing which is rare today. I'm also in a different era in music with the 60's and 70's more in my collection. I'm sure the concert will be great!

amanda said...

This is like treading on thin ice.....lately I've been playing a Jim Reeves cd in my car.....just loving it as he has a beautiful voice and keeps me calm in the morning traffic on my way to work!

I grew up in the "hippie era" and "our" music is still great.

ps. I also enjoy music by Roxette in case you are wondering
Enjoy the show. love, mom xx

blackhuff said...

You're also a Roxette fan - how cool is that?!?
Hope you have enjoyed the show.