Saturday, January 28, 2012

Training and meeting new friends

My day started off with my Saturday training session.  It was going to be an ocean swim and then a bike ride.  And so I got all ready, Terence adjusted my bike seat a bit, loaded my bike in the car, I got in the car, started the car, realised I haven't yet put my contact lenses in (and that glasses with goggles would be useless), switched off the car, out of the car, quickly put them in, back in the car and off I went.  As I was about to take my bike out of the car I realised that I left my helmet at home.  Sigh!  Really???  Turned out that when Terence took my bike to adjust the seat and put it in the car he forgot to put my helmet in the car.  So I had to go all the way back home and unfortunately missed the swimming. 

When I got back I was on time to make the biking bit.  Some of the group did a 6km bike ride, but most of us opted to do the full 12km.  There were 2 fairly good cyclists who quickly took the lead and initially because the trainer wanted us all in single file I ended up in the back.  Found the first bit a bit boring because it was slower than I would have liked, but then when the group started speeding up, I managed to go ahead and slipped into 4th.  And not long after into 3rd.  For most of the way I managed to maintain 3rd / 2nd place.  The ride was also a bit faster than it was last week.

Then at the end of the session the one lady and I decided to go off and to do our 4km run.  Or rather for me it was a run / walk session.  I was very pleased in the end to see that I did it a little bit faster than last week even though I really had to push it and had to work really hard. 

The swimming is still the daunting bit for me.  And on Wednesday there will be another chance to do an ocean swim practise.  Hopefully I don't drown in the process...

Got home for a quick lunch and a quick tidy up and then some friends came to visit. The two guys work with Terence and so they (and their families) came to visit us today.  Both are fairly new to New Zealand.  The one couple have been here just over a year and the other couple have only just recently arrived.  The one lady (who has been here just over a year) it turned out was also on the very same forum I used to belong to.  The world is really an incredibly small place.  They have a 3 month old and a 2.5 year old little boy and the other couple a little boy also almost 2 (I think) and it was a bit full on for them because our house is not toddler / baby proofed. 

Because they haven't been here yet, Terence arranged to meet them at Lindale Farm and then they came to our house for a BBQ dinner.  It was lovely to meet them and I'm looking forward to catching up with them again sometime soon.

Here are some photos:

Feeding chickens at Lindale Farm

A picture for you Mum!

You can't go to Lindale Farm and not have Kapiti Ice Cream!

2 Little boys looking for ways to escape!


cat said...

Your training is totally impressive! Wow!

Paul Forster said...

Well done in your biking and running! You are making great improvement! Sounds like Lindale was fun!

Sharon said...

NO WAYS!!!! LEA!!!! I cannot BELIEVE this!!!!
I just looked at the photo's on your post and the couple you are referring to who have just arrived are friends of ours!!!!!!!! Stan & Lani!!!!! RIGHT???
OMW!!!! I can't believe this!!!!

affectionforfitness said...

Hi Lea! Your training sounds fun. I am constantly telling people to have fitness buddies. It is so much more fun that way!!! Your daughter is so adorable!

:-) Marion

Ellie said...

Well done with the training sounds as if you are really enjoying it too.
Nice to have friends over for dinner. The wee girl looks like she is enjoying that icecream.