Monday, January 2, 2012

Running, swimming and an afternoon spent with friends

Yesterday was mostly just a quiet relaxing day.  A good thing because it was very wet.

Emerson, our friend, who stayed the night left after breakfast and then later in the afternoon we had our friends Paul and his family visiting us for afternoon tea.  We had a lovely catch up and we really enjoy their company.  If you want to see some photos, click here.

This morning I took advantage of the better weather and thought that I'd go out for my bike ride.  So got all dressed and ready and put my helmet on and then found that the bike seat needed tightening and I needed to wait for Terence to help me with it. And so I went out for my run instead.  Usually I wait until early evening, but since I was already dressed, decided to go out anyway.  It was hard work! I'm wondering at which point it actually does become easier. But I did manage 20 minutes.

Then later on we went to the Levin pools with our friends Mike, Rose and their two kids.  The boys watched the kids while Rose and I did a few lengths in the pool.  We managed to do about 20 lengths in total.  There is actually quite a bit of work I need to do on the technique side.  Terence took some photos of me while I was swimming and in a number of them I can see that I do some things wrong.  I think Val is definitely going to have something to say about that when lessons start again.

All ready to swim lengths with my friend Rose

Rose is in the front, I'm in the middle and the guy in the back was just so fast!

Having a ball (with a ball) in the pool :-)

Bianca enjoyed playing on the inflatables.
And afterwards Mike, Rose and their kids came back to our house.  The older kids were playing Wii games, the younger ones played in Caitlyn's room.  And Rose and I were chatting about the possible Harry Potter birthday party Marcus might want this year (thanks to Bianca he is really into Harry Potter now), and our exercise attempts. 

And this was pretty much our second day of 2012.  How was your day?  Did you get up to anything special?


Susan said...

Nice and cool in the pool, Lea? Like you I had a quiet day at home and an afternoon swim to cool down and get a little exercise. Maa

Marcia (123 blog) said...

You're looking so happy in the pool!

Your day sounds full but fulfilling.

yesterday we went and did a HUGE grocery shop - this was the very late Christmas shop. And then I cooked and baked and I feel a little more myself as a result :)

I love how hospitable you are, Lea - you've got such a heart for connecting with people.

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

I bet you're loving your short hair, must be very easy to manage :D Yesterday, what did we do? Erm... hang on....thinkin'..ah yep went to buy new pillows for the bed! Exciting stuff, can't believe I forgot that!! haha! Then we took a drive around some different areas of Hamilton, searching for possible places to move to when we manage to sell this place.

Lea said...

Hi Sue, yes the short hair is great!

Oh that is exciting - choosing pillows ;-). Won't you miss the country life when you move?

Lea said...

Hi Maa, it was a bit cold getting in, but then it was fine. It is a slightly heated indoor pool we visited. We figured with the sunny weather the local outdoor pool would be too busy and lane swimming would be hard. I can just imagine how hot it must be where you live. I don't think I could cope!

Lea White said...

Thank you Marcia for the lovely compliment! :-)

Julia said...

I swam in the ocean the other day for the first time in YEARS and I LOVED it. Was exhilarating and gave me an endorphin rush like nothing else that I have EVER done. Am so going to do more of that in 2012.

Paul said...

Our family enjoyed immensely our afternoon tea with you and your family! Keep up the swimming! It is fantastic exercise to increase fitness. It is definitely something I struggle to do!