Friday, January 13, 2012

A very early start

This morning Terence and I had to wake up at 5.  That's 5 in the morning.  And it was still dark.  Unfortunately something went wrong at Terence's work (not his team's fault), but it is a major crisis and some team members worked during the night and Terence was asked to be at work by 7.  He is working until 7 tonight.  And on top of that he is on call and got called out twice in the night to fix something.  A call out thankfully does not mean physically getting in the car and driving to the city, but it did mean he had to get up, switch on his laptop and do some work.  So I expect he is going to be rather exhausted when he gets home.  He is still on call until next week Friday.

The weather was rather unpleasant today.  Saw this on Facebook during the week and thought that it is rather appropriate :-).
INSTALLING SUMMER in New Zealand.... ███████████████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 44% DONE. Installation failed. 404 error: Season not found. The season you are looking for was not found. It may have had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please try again.

The girls and I had a fairly quiet day at home.  With the weather it wasn't a nice outdoors kind of day and so the girls played around the house, attempted to make some cupcakes and later on we went to the shopping centre where I treated them to an ice cream. 

And of course I am still working on my project (which I have now affectionately titled Project Never Ending Story).  It was meant to be finished today in time for Paul's birthday (..................Happy Birthday Paul!....................), but sadly has been taking a bit longer than I had hoped.  This particular phase of my project has been more fiddly than I thought and required a bit more planning. But I'm getting there and by tomorrow should be ready to start the next phase.  I'll share photos when it is done and handed over which I most definitely plan to have all done by next week!

So how was your Friday?  Any special plans for the coming weekend?


Paul said...

What a nuisance for you and Terence to wake up so early! I think you just like keeping me in suspense with the project!

Sarah said...

She's keeping us all in suspense Paul! I'm sure you'll love it though :)Happy Birthday by the way :)I hope you've had a lovely day and had a song sung to you for once :)

I hope Terence gets to relax soon!

and Lea, I'm off to tramp in muddy fields this coming week, with 2500 young girls, wish me luck!! I ought to pack really, I have a coach to catch in the morning!

Which also means not long for Camp for Bianca either, or maybe Hermione, if she's dressed up!! I look forward to hearing all about both her camp and your Paul project when I get back! ...

...oh and I now have "Never Ending Storrrrrrrry...................." in my head!!

Susan said...

I've worked like a trogan in my garden weilding electric shears. Still got plenty to do too. So my weekend will be full. Happy birthday to Paul, many blessings. Susan

cat said...

I have heard that you guys are having a particularly unsummery summer. Sorry about that and the work stuff - sounds so familiar with my hubby's