Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Friday night run

Last night I went for my run.  Not a long run (well to be honest any run feels long in my world), because it was already a bit on the late side.

Inspired by Paul's running posts I thought I would take a few photos to share with you.  Unfortunately not a lot because most of my photos didn't come out all that nice.

See these lovely hills that you can see from our house?

I didn't go that way!  No, if you want those kind of runs, you can go here (click here).

I went down this road. 

Saw some pretty flowers on the way.

And had a spectator cheering me on.

I was going really well, but lost my focus when I got here and swallowed a bug.  I realised it when it collided with the back of my throat.  Cough, splutter, gag.   I refuse to think too much about it because it is just plain gross!

Went past the school.  Bianca told me yesterday that she is very excited for school to start again (not sure if her teachers share her excitement just yet).  And Caitlyn can hardly wait to start too!

And of course had to cross the train tracks to get to the other side.

Looked left - no trains.

Looked right - no trains.

 Made me think of a joke I once heard - two little frogs came to a busy road and were about to cross.  The one frog said to the other "watch out for the trucks" and the other said "what's a tru...".

Yeah, I know not a very good joke, but it did cross my mind as I was crossing the train tracks.

A quiet street.  See Mum, perfectly nice to go for your walks when you get here...

I thought these clouds were quite nice.

Seeing this little gnome reminded me of this one house in the town I grew up in (Sasolburg).  Can't remember which street it was but it had hundreds of little gnomes in the garden.  Looked so magical and it became quite the attraction.  Wonder if those gnomes are still there...

I didn't go too much further before I decided to turn around and go back home.  For one it was starting to get dark and also at this point both my legs became pretty sore.  My torturer physio did say he thought my injury was rather nasty and that he expected it to flare up again (but that he wanted me to start up my running again).  Last night though both legs got sore :-(.  And so I went back home and that was the end of my running for the night!

Did you get up to anything interesting?


Sharon said...

Ha-ha, cute joke! And sorry I had to laugh at you swallowing the bug!

Maria said...

it's been lovely seeing some of your locality Lea...great photos! Is that the railway line to Wellington? DH and I once went from Lower Hutt into town on the train and it was such a pleasant trip with wonderful scenery.

amanda said...

Lovely post. Sorry about the bug...
Thanx for the lovely photos and I am indeed looking forward to taking walks again. Haven't done so in ages. Sorry, but I will not be a running partner. lol...

Lea said...

Thanks Maria. Yes, our train line does go to Wellington, but is a different line to the one coming from Lower Hutt. It probably takes about the same time though.

Thanks Mum, oh come on, where is your sense of adventure? And here I was thinking I'd get a running partner ;-)

Paul said...

Looks like a rather leisurely run. You covered a good distance! Well done for getting out. Love the spectators...cats...gnomes. Had to put the dots in! Thanks for sharing your photos!

Kevin and Ruth said...

Thanks for the run! You live a pretty area. I see you can even eat on the run, bugs have lots of protein you know :)!

We are off to climb a hill!

Kevin and Ruth

Fi said...

Hi Lea! Happy New Year to you :)

Good on you for going for a run on a Friday night. Doesn't look too hilly for Wellington?