Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back to reality

And so things are starting to get back to reality a bit.  I'm in the process to book Bianca's activities.  Swimming is still booked from last year which the kids have on Tuesdays, Bianca wants to continue with gym which will probably be on Mondays and cheerleading which might now be on Thursdays and so I'm in the process to book those, because the new term starts next week already. 

Not sure what Caitlyn will want to end up doing, but she still has daycare for a few more weeks and they do a gym session as a class together and then for the rest of the first term I will just let her settle at school first before we start committing to anything for her.

Last week I completed forms to say that Caitlyn's last day at her daycare centre will be on the 21st of February.  They do a whole farewell session and we are going to take a cake.  I hope I'll be able to go and watch and take some photos.  On the 22nd Caitlyn turns 5 and it will be her very first day at big school in Year 1.  It is rather sad to think her daycare days are coming to an end, but exciting that she is starting big school.  And then of course I need to organise the actual birthday party which we'll probably do on the 26th.  We'll probably do the same as last year as that worked well.

So today I spent time organising labels so I can mark pencils and pens and markers and glue sticks and whatever else needs marking and some book covers.  Thankfully not too many I'd have to cover.  I have vivid memories from my school days having to cover loads of books and spending the whole night pretty much doing this, so am rather glad I won't have to cover too many.

Later this week we will buy stationery and school bags and then we should be all set.  Then it is just organising Caitlyn's school visit days before she actually starts. 

It feels unreal that Caitlyn is actually going to start big school in just a bit less than a month.  In one way Caitlyn is really excited, but in another I think rather anxious.  Wonder if we'll have many tears!

On the weekend Terence went out to a games evening somewhere in Lower Hutt and so Caitlyn and I decided to have a picnic supper (or tea as they say here) since we had a fairly heavy lunch. 

Teddy joined us for our picnic.  

Here Teddy, I'll help you hold your spoon
 I don't yet have photos of the actual camp, but on Sunday late afternoon Bianca came back.  So lovely to have her back.  The house was really quiet without her and we all missed her lots. 

Bianca got a certificate for attending camp

They had an activity book / diary (and no Bianca didn't do any writing...)

Bianca's wand she received at camp

The welcome letter and map of where they went

Bianca chose an owl as her pet and made "dragon eggs"
 Once I get photos I will share them :-).


Paul said...

Looks like the camp was well organised and Bianca had a lot of fun activities to do! You'll have to think up some things to do when Caitlyn starts school!

Lien - all new adventures said...

Wow, last day at daycare. I can only imagine the bitter sweet feeling of a chapter closing and an exciting one beginning. They are only little for such a short time :-(

Bianca's camp sounds so organised! How refreshing.

Have a lovely week.


Linn said...

They do grow up quickly Lea! Love the picnic idea. I used to do this with my older kids when they were young. I haven't even thought about doing it with my younger children. I guess that's my age creeping up on me! Think I'll give it a go on the weekend. Love reading your posts Lea.

blackhuff said...

Good luck with starting this new school year and like Paul said: you look very organized.
Love that fruit and yoghurt plate in the one photo.

Maria said...

Things are starting to change as your darlings grow up...very exciting time for Caitlyn

affectionforfitness said...

Hi Lea! The camp sounded great! Bianca looks adorable! Loved the pictures.

:-) Marion

cat said...

Ai yes, back to reality time here too. I am rather confused as to the big school activities, but let's hope for the best.