Tuesday, January 3, 2012

An award!

Susan @ Maas Journal gave me an award!

Thank you so much! 

Maas Journal is one of my favourite blogs that I follow.  I love reading Susan's adventures and life over in Aus.  When Susan read that Bianca put a times tables poster on her Santa list, she immediately organised with Mrs Clause and sent this to us along with a few other goodies (as well as the most gorgeous bookmark for me). 

The rules are that I have to nominate five other blogs with less than 200 followers each.  This is a tricky one because I follow a number of really good blogs.
  • Paul at The World According to Paul.  Paul is a wonderful story teller and a huge inspiration to me.  Paul is an amazing athlete and cyclist and has given me loads of support as I'm trying to become fit.  Paul was also my daughter's teacher and I can honestly say the very best she's ever had.  And I simply love Paul's music.  I have been working with Paul to go through all his songs and he has written so many amazing songs like this one and this one.  Paul's blog is well worth a visit!
  • Marcia at 1,2,3 blog. I simply love reading about the adventures that Marcia gets up to.  Such a positive lady sharing honestly about things that are happening.  And she always gives food for thought.  I love how she asks questions to get some interaction going.  She has twins and they keep her very busy!
  • Sue at Living the Good Life.  Sue writes wonderfully and sometimes I find myself laughing at some of the funny and witty things she writes. She is very entertaining and you will love following her blog!
  • Buttons - simply love her blog.  Stunning photos and amazing at telling stories.  Her stories come alive when she tells it and I find myself completely drawn in each time she writes a blog entry.
  • Maria at The next stage is a new blog I'm following.  I love her trips down memory lane.  I love her photos.   Paul, you actually have something in common with Maria in that she was a teacher before :-).
And that's my five.  I follow loads of other great blogs (just look on my sidebar).

* Just copy the pic to your computer to use on your blog. Then link back to me and nominate five others with under 200 followers.


Paul said...

Thanks for the award, Lea! I enjoy sharing my music and encouraging others to exercise! I'm glad you are working on your fitness and you are doing really well!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Thank you so much for your lovely words - I appreciate them.

Also, I met every single word on that post :)

Buttons said...

Thanks so much Lea I really appreciate it. It is so nice to hear about the other blogs you follow I follow some of them but will be checking out the rest. Your blog inspires.
It makes me smile when you said you like my stories. :) B

Maria said...

Thank you for my award Lea...I'm really chuffed!