Monday, January 30, 2012

Lyrical Sunday (or Lyrical Monday as it is the case today)

Am in two minds about this particular poetry attempt, but I thought it would be fun to join in with LatteJunkie's Lyrical Sunday.  The theme this week is 'Words'. 

That remain unsaid
In the back of my mind
Where they live
Like a butterfly
Wishing for escape
Wanting to join
The words that I say
That dance in the sunlight
Every single day
Read between the lines
Because the words that I say
Make up for the words I can't
And those are the words
That are me

Why don't you have a go at something?  And then leave a comment here (click here).  It doesn't have to be poetry, could be something else fitting in with the theme (actually I could have just posted a picture of Paul's book (click here) I made as that has a whole lot of words)  ;-)

Speaking of words...make sure you visit my friend George's new blog (click here).  He will be publishing his first blog entry really soon and he has some amazing ideas what he will be blogging about!  I cannot wait to read it!


Sharon said...

I really liked this one Lea! And it is so true! You are very good at writing poems.

LatteJunkie said...

I love it! The unspoken word is often the one that is most needing to be said or heard...

Thanks so much for joining up.

I'll work out the silly linky thing for next week :)

Paul said...

A great poem, Lea! We are not just what people see and hear! Thanks for sharing your thoughts through poetry! It is a powerful tool!

Sarah said...

I love this poem and it's so true too :)

Buttons said...

Great poem Lea. Oh how I love words my head is full every minute of everyday even in my sleep I dream words. Life is a grand event and words are there for us to use to express and share the journey of our lives.
I am loving your poetry. B

Susan said...

Hi Lea, I came to visit you, and you sent me to visit George.
Popped back in to say hello. Poetry ...I'm hopeless. Words ...I'm also hopeless. Sorry, you'll just have to accept my friendship. Will that do? Hugs to you and the girls. Susan