Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My day today

Sorry Paul, stealing your idea for a blog entry today.

My day started early this morning.  It was sort of back to routines as it was the first day back to daycare after the Christmas break.  Caitlyn probably only has another 20 days left of daycare (she goes 3 days a week).  So it was up early, got Caitlyn ready and then Caitlyn and I headed off first for my physio appointment and then to drop Caitlyn off.  I expected tears, but she was all happy to be back.

And then I went to Paul's house.

Last year I came up with an idea of something I wanted to give Paul to say thank you because he was such a great teacher for Bianca and he became a really good friend.  And so I started planning.  Now one thing about me is that the longer I think of something and plan something, the bigger my ideas grow (just look at Funrazor) and so I needed Paul's help with the second part of my idea.  The first part is finished, but I can't share it yet because it will give away what the second part is.

Paul has been writing songs for about 12 years now.  I really like many of the songs he has written.  And so when I got the idea for the second part I decided that I needed to get all his songs.  He told me there were about 150 songs (and we finally figured out he actually wrote nearly 300 songs in total).  I managed to type up many of the lyrics, but finally needed Paul's help with the rest and this is what we did today.  We went through his old tapes and I typed out the ones I still needed.  And that was about 40 songs.

I'm very excited that I am nearly done with this project.  So now instead of just a thank you present it will now become a birthday present as well.  Although I did say to Paul that maybe I should give him a box of dots for his birthday ;-)

I must say that it has been a wonderful experience working with Paul on his songs.  To hear some of the stories and to hear so many of the recordings he made of his songs and I have to say that a number of his songs are my absolute favourite.  And I'm very grateful because Paul has been teaching me a little bit about the world of music (of which I know absolutely nothing).  Things like beat, when he would use major and minor chords and so on.  It has been a great journey so far!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

You're such a special friend. I would love to know you in real life :)

Sharon said...

I cannot wait to find out what you are making!

amanda said...

looking forward to the "surprise"

Paul said...

It has been wonderful having you being involved in my music and having an adult perspective. Thank you for the positive feedback and suggestions. You are a special person to put in so much time and effort into this project. I am very lucky and excited. I am grateful that through you I have re-discovered old songs I had completely forgotten about! Sorry about the touch typing but will get there some time!

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like whatever it is is going to be amazing when it's done... can't wait to see it!