Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Thursday update

This week was mostly spent working on my project.  Which after tomorrow I'll be able to share about it. I'm at the last bits now and I'm just really really hopeful nothing goes wrong at this point in time.  

I've discovered a new favourite song thanks to Paul.  

Of course in my world finding a favourite song means that I listen to it over and over and over (much to Terence's frustration when he is around) and singing along (a good thing nobody is around to hear me because my singing is best kept for the shower or the car when I'm driving somewhere on my own).  There are 2 other ones I also really like - Between the bars and Angeles.  But I think 'Waltz No 2' is probably my favourite of the three at the moment.

Right now Bianca is at camp and must say the house is really quiet.  We are all missing her lots, but I'm sure she's having loads of fun.  And going by this article (click here) it would seem they had an exciting start to it all.

Caitlyn was rather emotional yesterday morning and we figured it was probably just that she is missing her sister.  She was extremely excited when her friend Lily came to sleep over last night.  It was also a first for us, having one of Caitlyn's friends stay the night.

Here are some photos from Tuesday:

All set for camp :-)

Often the first thing people tell us when they see us is "look at how long Bianca's hair is!"  She's come a long way since her chemo days.

Can hardly wait to catch the bus to camp!

A lovely day to go on camp.

Did we pack everything we needed to?

Bianca's lovely companion, Emily!

Hey Bianca, your mum is taking another photo!

Urgh, I wish she would go now...

What did you get up to today?


Paul said...

Glad you like Elliott Smith. I love his music! Hardly recognised Bianca with her cool shades on!

blackhuff said...

I also think she's emotional because she misses her sister.

Sharon said...

WOW! Bianca looks amazing, I can't believe long her hair is! And I hope Caitlyn enjoyed the sleep over with her friend!