Tuesday, March 13, 2012

. . .

A fanatical obsession
Just a moment in time
A quiet confession
At the end of the line

Silent whispers
That constantly call
Draw you in slowly
Watching you fall

Simply the one
Who waits halfway
Left all alone
With nothing to say

At the end of the day
It matters no more
The battle is done
Not worth fighting for


Paul said...

This poem I think is truly amazing. A bit dark but I love it! You write really well, Lea! Thanks for sharing!

LatteJunkie said...

Oooh, I want to know more... It's really good!

blackhuff said...

Great poem.

Ellie said...

Oh Lea, what a wonderful poem. You are really good at this. Thanks for sharing.

Lien - all new adventures said...

Depending on what that fanatical obsession is (and I am hoping it is the healthy kind you are referring to here judging from what you've been up to these last few months) the battle is sometimes worth fighting for :-)

I read this piece and immediately thought of the times when I was participating in events. I cast my mind back to how I felt before/during/after, and then I read your words again. You've summed the feelings up in these 4 verses.


Buttons said...

Oh Lea I think this poem is great it can fit into the thoughts of many different aspects of life. B