Monday, March 5, 2012

Fitness Buddies

Marion talked about having fitness buddies (click here). 

I have to agree with her - fitness buddies make a huge difference. I didn't always believe that and at first I was way more comfortable just doing my training completely on my own, preferably at a time when nobody was around to see me.  Then when I was finally in a group setting to my surprise I realised I wasn't the slowest or the most unfit.  It was then that I realised training with others alongside training on your own could actually be quite fun!

I am lucky to have a few fitness buddies. 

Paul is an amazing athlete!  I wouldn't go running or cycling with him because for one it would be way too intimidating for me, and he would also get utterly bored in the process.  I really enjoy reading about his running adventures and following the progress of his cycling.  He is a huge inspiration to me and incredibly determined.  It doesn't matter if it is freezing cold outside or if it is pouring down with rain, he is always out and about.  I really appreciate Paul's advice and his support.

Then there is my friend Rose.

Rose is the one that I will go out with and do a run, swim or bike session.  We have similar fitness levels and deal with similar struggles as we are trying to get fit.  Of course Rose is also the one who will keep convincing me to do different things and really the reason I ended up doing the Kapiti Women's Triathlon and now have about 3 more events lined up. 

Rose and I at our recent triathlon

Then there was the Saturday training group.  I have to admit that at first I was rather scared to go because what if I was so incredibly slow and the most unfit, but it turned out to be a great group of ladies and it was incredibly supportive.  It was great preparation for both Rose and I as we worked towards the Kapiti Women's Triathlon.  The Saturday training sessions have stopped for now, but both Rose and I hope that a group of us might be able to continue.  Have to say I'm really missing these sessions.

Some of the Saturday training group ladies
Having these fitness buddies really make a difference and it is great to have people who could inspire, motivate and support you. 


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I have a unfitness buddy! You know her, tis Sue!!!! lmao!

Paul said...

Rose is a good fitness buddy to have. It makes exercise more enjoyable! Keep up the great work! You are really improving! I'm glad I have inspired you in some way in your exercise.

blackhuff said...

I am glad that you find it such a pleasure to have fitness buddies which can support you through it. I on the other hand, prefer to workout solo and do events solo.

Hayley said...

I have recently started gym with two other girls and a trainer...and I cannot tell you what a difference it has made. So agree with you....

Susan said...

Yes, you're all lucky to have each other - it'd certainly be much more fun together too :D)

Buttons said...

You are truly inspiring take care and have fun. B

Ellie said...

You are doing so well with you fitness regime. I am very impressed.
I think having a fitness buddy must be helpful in keeping you going.

affectionforfitness said...

I actually did think about you and Paul when I wrote my post. :D I'm extremely glad you've found the joy of fitness buddies.

:-) Marion